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Job Description:

  • Responsible for day to day running/supervision of purchasing materials required for company operations.
  • Ensure that all purchase orders are committed in accordance with company policy and recorded correctly.
  • Liaise with vendors for processing non-conformance reports. This includes written communication with vendors to clarify corrective actions and appropriate close out.
  • Responsible for assessment and evaluation of new suppliers and vendors.
  • Maintain an approved and updated vendor list.
  • Issue purchase orders for vendors.
  • Expedite the supply of items in accordance with project schedules.
  • Update and maintain statistical analysis in meeting company objectives.
  • Others as directed by BoD, CEO, DCEO & GM SCM

Overall Experience: 15 Years

Relevant Experience: 4 Years

Qualification: MBA, MPA, MEM, BS (Hons Sciences), BS Engineering or Equivalent/Retired Army Officer