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Job Description:

The Manager directly report to CEO.

  • Advise on how to meet targets and create investment.
  • Provide investment advice, tactics and recommendations.
  • Use financial modeling to predict outcomes.
  • Support in targeting and winning business.
  • Liaise with all parties involved in transactions and assist with negotiations.
  • Prepare legal documents and prospectuses.
  • Assess and predict financial risks and returns.
  • Liaise with accountants, lawyers, financial experts and regulatory bodies.
  • Contribute to competitive bid proposals and formal presentations.
  • Ensure the efficient and effective management of resources to achieve the target.
  • Maintain effective networks, enhance relationships with others stakeholders.
  • Deliver a full range of tax services in compliance with laws and regulations within timeframe.
  • Provide innovative tax planning and review complex income tax returns.
  • Identify and mitigate tax risk.
  • Manage tax provision and tax compliance process.
  • Manage and coordinate tax audits
  • Maintain tax balances on general ledger
  • Prepare all tax papers in regular basis and handle all information data requests.
  • Others as directed by BoD, CEO, CFO & Manager F&A.

Overall Experience: 17 Years

Relevant Experience: 4 Years

Qualification: CA, CFA,MBA or Equivalent