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Applicants are required to submit their technical & financial proposal (one copy each in two separate sealed envelopes) according to the TORs, their organization profile, and cover letter on printed letterhead with the signature of authorized person and seal indicating their interest in undertaking the assignment. Provide  samples of previously documentaries produced.

  • Include all logistics and technical costs in the proposal. 
  • The Consultant will propose a detailed work plan/ schedule which will be finalized by Rutgers.
  • The organization reserves the right to reject any/ all of the proposals at any stage.

Sealed proposals along with requested documents should clearly mark “Call for Proposal,-Animations & Documentary” and shared by 5pm October 13, 2017 via courier/by hand at following address;

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Section A

About Rutgers

Rutgers Pakistan promotes engagement with men and boys to end Gender Based Violence.

Rutgers is a Netherlands based international organization working in Pakistan since 1997. For the last fifty years Rutgers is working to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights, domestically and abroad. It is currently working in more than 19 Countries of Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Asia and South-East Asia.

 In Pakistan Rutgers has been working on Women Empowerment, Domestic & Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Responsible Fatherhood, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights and Life Skills Based Education in collaboration with the government and civil society organizations.

  • Gender Transformation Approaches

Gender Transformative Approaches aim "to reshape gender relations to be more gender-equitable, largely through approaches that free all people from the impact of destructive gender and sexual norms at all levels of the socio-ecological model” 

Such intervention is done by;

  • Raising critical awareness about unhealthy, rigid and harmful gender norms and power relations 

  • Questioning the costs to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by adhering to these harmful norms and power relations, for everyone on the gender spectrum (e.g. such a cost could be lack of access to health services for LGBTIQ due to stigma and harmful and heteronormative gender norms) 

  • Address unhealthy, inequitable gender norms and unequal power relations, aiming for mutually redefined healthy and positive gender norms 

  • Prevention+

Partnering with men to end Gender Based Violence (GBV) (referred to as Prevention +) has the overall goal to prevent and end GBV and protect women from harmful effects of physical, psychological and sexual violence. The longterm objective of Prevention+ is to contribute to a gender just society, free of GBV, by transforming harmful social norms by engaging (young) men. The project will intervene at the individual/relationship, community, civil society and government level to ensure that individual, social and cultural changes are backed up by a supportive legal and policy framework. Prevention+ is a 5year (2016-2020) program, implemented in Pakistan, Indonesia, Rwanda and Uganda in one or more MENA countries. Prevention+ consortium members are Rutgers, Promundo and Sonke, and MenEngage Global as a technical partner. The program will be carried out in collaboration with partners within the respective countries.

  • Pakistan International Men & Gender Equality Survey- PAK IMAGES

 This nationwide baseline study was conducted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the context and prevalence of gender-based violence (GBV) in Pakistan, with a focus on spousal violence. The study explores gender attitudes, as well as attitudes and practices related to gender roles in the household and to spousal violence. The core element of the study is the internationally recognized Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), which has been conducted for the first time in all four provinces of Pakistan. Complementary elements include a qualitative study exploring parallel themes to IMAGES through focus group discussions and a literature review.

 Primary data collection for the study was conducted in 10 districts representing low, medium, and high poverty bands according to the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) in the four provinces, including Jhelum, Multan, and Chiniot in Punjab; Hyderabad, Jacobabad, and Umerkot in Sindh; Quetta and Lasbela in Balochistan; Swabi and Haripur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). A total of 1,237 married and unmarried men and married women (not couples) participated in the Pakistan International Men and Gender Equality Survey (Pak- IMAGES).

  •  Dance4life:

Dance4life uses dance, music, media and youth icons to inspire, motivate and open the hearts of young people and make them receptive to the subjects of SRHR, HIV & AIDS. Dance4life is a dynamic international initiative which actively involves young people and gives them a powerful voice to respond the stigma and taboos related to HIV and AIDS.

 Dance4life has a unique method of providing information and education to in school students. It has four phases of inspire, educate, activate and celebrate, purpose is to develop interest among youth by inspiring them through music and interactive sessions. School teachers are trained to educate the students, and in activate phase they establish youth clubs to conduct awareness raising activities at school level. In celebrate phase all the capacitated youth collectively organize World AIDS Day event.

 Over the year dance4life reached out a large number of young people and there are several unheard success stories. Those stories can be strong motivational lessons for other young persons. Quetta is capital of Baluchistan Province, despite of all the diversity and conservative approaches, there are several success stories as a result of interventions by Rutgers Pakistan. There are young persons, who are confident, who have proved themselves as advocates for youth rights, there are trainers, volunteers, activists, educators and leaders. This documentary will be focusing the successful LSBE intervention and implementation of dance4life model in one of the public schools of Quetta. Principal, teachers and students are example of positive and constructive change in society.

 Young people are inspired through the use of experience marketing, dance, music, youth icons and their own language, encouraging them to learn more about HIV and AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

 Life Skill Based Education: LSBE:

 Section B

  • The Consultancy

Rutgers Pakistan invites bids from firms, consultants, creatives and film makers to produce digital content, including a video documentary encompassing the themes identified below:

1.1 Documentary on LSBE:

  1. Identification of champions/ambassadors for the Documentary in consultation with Rutgers
  2. Develop and finalize the messages in consultation with Rutgers
  3. Develop a 7-minute video documentary on LSBE involving Dance for Life inspire volunteers
  4. Dissemination of documentary on social media through twitter storm targeting youth


1.2  Develop Doodles for Rutgers for IMAGES launch

  1. Develop concept of Introduction of PAK IMAGES as the latest survey on GBV in Pakistan
  2. Utilize sketches developed for animations in the doodle
  3.  Create Doodle for Rutgers/IMAGES


1.3  Develop Animation on GTA for GBV

  1. Identification of the prominent voices for the animations in Urdu
  2. Develop character sketches related to each message
  3. Develop and finalize messages in consultation with Rutgers 
  4. Develop 100 posters of each animations
  • Deliverables
  1. 7 animations on GTA for GBV
  • 100 posters of each animation

       2. A 7 minutes documentary on LSBE in Balochistan  

  • Dissemination of documentary on LSBE on social media through twitter storm reaching out to at least 50,000 youth

        3. Doodles for Rutgers

        4. Media Coverage of at least 6 events including IMAGEs launch, and special events that includes 16 days of activism and launch of research on child marriage in Sindh

  • Eligibility
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in writing and animation production.
  • Experience in developing documentaries engaging influencers and policy makers.