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Minimum Master’s degree (M.Com/MBA Finance) with 2-5 years of working experience on computerized accounting systems.


Job Description

  • Review and improve overall financial and procedural controls
  • Payments, receipts and transactions
  • Carry out approved transactions
  • Oversee and reconcile petty cash
  • Maintain general financial records
  • Monitor and report on outstanding accounts
  • Prepare accounts and financial reports
  • Maintain the computerized accounting system
  • Reconcile all accounts each month, to balance sheet
  • Maintain liabilities and assets aspects of accounts on a monthly basis
  • Provide financial reports with actual and budget comparison to Project Coordinator on a monthly basis
  • Check tax and duty documentation is correct
  • Maintain listing and records of staff Tax File Numbers and other relevant tax records
  • Prepare and facilitate Project audit
  • Maintain all records according to the standards of audit
  • Provide relevant information for auditor, as requested
  • Provide evidence of expenditure and transaction approvals
  • Provide evidence of revenue and receipts
  • Develop weekly and monthly reports on specified templates for submission within the allotted time frame


This position is Karachi based.