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Main Responsabilities & Tasks:

·  Oversee overall administrative matters of Regional Office and its tertiary offices in the region. 

·  Close coordination and improve linkage with all stakeholders including government. 

·  Oversee financial matters and ensure judicious use of resources. 

·  Effective management of Human, Financial and other Resources of the Regional Office. 

·  Delegation of task/assignments to staff related to administration and financial affairs.

· Preparation and submission of budget, and submission of financial reports to core office.

· Develop policies and systems for effective management of Regional Office to ensure smooth functioning of systems     in place.  

· Supervision, guidance and support to all staff for completion of tasks/assignments. 

· Ensure implementation of policies and procedures. 

. Close coordination and liason with CORE Office.

Required Qualification and Experience:

· Masters in Social Science

· At least 5 years of relevant experience in middle management level

· Well-developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in demanding situations.

· Experience of management/supervisory responsibilities.

· Result-oriented team player and leader

· Good written and spoken English

· Competent IT skills