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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Pakistan is currently providing technical support to Cursor of Development and Education (CODE) Pakistan in carrying out for the government an assessment addressing overcrowding in prisons by reducing delays in pre-trial detention in Pakistan. In this regard, ICRC is looking for a suitable candidate to fill this vacancy in Islamabad delegation.



  • Advanced degree in law, preferably with specialization in criminal justice;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Pakistan’s criminal justice system operations, management and development;
  • At least 10 years’ experience in senior management/policy roles within the criminal justice system;
  • Experience conducting analysis of Pakistan’s criminal justice system;
  • Experience in developing adherence to international standards and promoting good practices in detention and related criminal justice system;
  • Experience in building capacity and providing advice at both the policy and operational levels, in project and change management, mid to long-term strategic planning processes and reform/development plans;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of main problems and current debates in the academic and professional world linked with detention and criminal justice systems; in particular, but not exclusively, overcrowding, pre-trial detention, vulnerable groups, non-custodial measures, etc.;
  • Experience in working in different parts and provinces of Pakistan and/or a wide network in these areas would be an asset;
  • Experience in developing strategy and addressing issues related to overcrowding (mitigating its consequences but also acting on its legal and judicial causes);
  • Experience in assessing the quality of scholarly legal writing, preferably as a law journal editor;
  • Excellent legal/technical research and writing skills;
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • Confirmed team leadership skills.


  • Undertake to provide advice and guidance concerning assessment and analysis of detention and related criminal justice systems; actively participate in activities related to detention, assisting the delegation and its partners in developing its capacity to understand the underlying or systemic causes of humanitarian problems;
  • Provide technical advice and guidance concerning the management and operation of criminal justice institutions and development of relevant aspects of detention and related criminal justice systems;
  • Provide advice to the ICRC and its partners on how they can best assist the authorities at various levels in their efforts to improve relevant aspects of the detention or related criminal justice systems;
  • Prepare, review or edit legal articles and thematic papers, and analysis of policies, legislation, national, regional and international trends and other topics of humanitarian relevance.
  • Consistently with the delegation strategy, assist in developing long-term strategic planning processes for the improvement of detention and related criminal justice systems, and support continued development and implementation of current strategy;
  • Provide technical advice concerning the management and operation of prisons and development of detention and related criminal justice systems, in line with internationally recognized standards;
  • In line with the delegation strategy, develop and maintain relationships with a range of authorities, professional organizations, other stakeholders and interlocutors in the country;
  • Assist the delegation and its partners in supporting the emergence of an inter-institutional dialogue on detention-related matters;
  • Participate in and/or co-organize events aimed at improving mutual understanding of detention /criminal justice systems-related strengths and constraints; exchanging experiences and sharing good practices;
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of training programs, as necessary;
  • Participate in external conferences and other meetings where detention systems and related issues are discussed; and
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge of the programming and engagement of other actors active in penitentiary/related criminal justice systems.

Should you fulfil the above-mentioned requirements and be interested for this position, please submit your cover letter and complete application online by latest,
Monday, 23.10.2017.

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.