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World Vision aimed at contributing improved mother and child health indicators by addressing malnutrition among children and mothers. The proposed project will focus on “Strengthening Health systems” and “Improving nutrition”. Pakistan, in the pursuit of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in lagging behind particularly in MDG-4 and MDG-5 marked by 74 children die out of 1000 (IMR) and 276 mothers die out 100000 (MMR); on the contrary, it has committed itself to reduce IMR to 40/1000 and MMR to 140 by 2015, respectively. The alarming rate of IMR is directly linked with malnutrition marked by stunting rate among children is 43%, nearly 32% of the children are underweight and wasting rate in 15%. Malnutrition not only contributes to rife in child and infant mortality, it also exacerbates MMR provided that 76% of the women suffer from iodine deficiency and 39% of the women are anaemic.

The Project

World Vision keeping the dire context in view has proposed to initiate an integrated mother and child health and nutrition program in the sub-district/talukas of Sukkur district in Sindh including Saleh Pat, Pano Aqil and Rohri. The overall objective of the initiatives is to contribute to the reduction in MMR and IMR by addressing malnutrition in the targeted regions. The program will adopt a synchronized approach that includes strengthening and enhancing service delivery capacity of 43 Basic Health Units (BHU) which operate under department of health, which in turn will benefit directly 443,059 people and 455,850 indirectly. The initiative aims to improve the capacity of health management team at district and sub-district levels, build community level capacity to implement key maternal and child nutrition initiatives, influence policies and guidelines around maternal and child nutrition, improve access to and utilization of improved health and nutrition services, enhance capacity of service providers and increase consumption of nutritious food.

The initiative will be working closely with provincial, district and sub-district health authorities and with other relevant stakeholders that directly and indirectly impact on maternal and child nutrition outcomes such as department of Food, department of fisheries and livestock, civil society and the community.

Specifically, the project is trying to address the following outcome;

  • Improved delivery of gender-responsive essential nutrition services for mothers, PW, newborns, & CU2
  • Increased production, consumption and utilization of nutritious foods & micronutrient supplements by mothers, PW, new-borns, & CU2
  • Strengthened gender-responsive governance, policy and public engagement of MNCH in Pakistan


This consultancy has following objectives:

a) To produce project video, Audio, Key messages and   documentary

(Long +5 minutes introductory video on)

b) To prepare script on narration for overall for PLWs and CU5 project documentaries and videos;

c) To compose background music for the videos;

d) Capture necessary video footage of different project activities (Trainings

,workshop, , Case studies related to the project & interviews)

e) To narrate and edit raw video footage for producing final video.


  • The assignment should include planning, designing, script writing and production of Visual –Audio Documentaries on the subjects and concepts provided by World vision Pakistan.
  • Interview selected interviewees for the film who will include actual beneficiaries, local government officials, Implementing Partners and key programme staff of World vision Pakistan.
  • Visit the project sites and interact with the local communities who’ve been impacted by the World vision-supported projects to get context.
  • Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the film.
  • Perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the Projects’ major beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Present a draft documentary to world vision for comments about contents.
  • To record narration and prepare background music for the videos.
  • To translate the project beneficiaries' voice into Urdu/English for subtitles.
  •  To prepare draft videos documentaries and submit it to Practical Action for final Feedback before the deadline of the Assignment.
  •  Finalize the videos as according to the feedback provided by the project team.
  • To manage all necessary tools and equipment including tapes, DVD etc.
  • To Produce documentaries films in DVD as well as a summary promotional DVD version of ……. minutes long.
  •  The consultant should familiarize herself f or himself with the subject, region and stakeholders and present the voices of all stakeholders in a balanced way.
  • The visual documentaries produced are subject to approval of concept note, cost estimation, script/draft and rough-cut by the World Vision Pakistan.


  • The consultant will develop an understanding of the subject, collect information, resources and material and come out with concept note for effective communication of the messages.
  • The consultant will then develop script for the Audio-visual documentaries in consultation with the authorized representative, and submit for approval.
  • Script approved by the world vision Committee will be taken up for production in accordance with the production schedule shared with the authorities.
  • The production schedule will have detailed time-line for all the sub-activities, like finalization of locations, shooting days and dates, voice recording, mixing, editing and finalization of the output in the form of master copy and multiplication, wherever required.
  • Shooting process.
  • Presentation of rushes for approval
  • Final copies in the prescribed formats


  • Submission of final master videos in a DVD tapes
  • Electronic copies of video in 1920x1080 MP4 and 128 Kbps audio before the deadline of the consultancy.
  • Raw footages captured in project areas


The total working days for the consultancy will be approximately one month and shall be completed before the mid of September 2017.


The consultancy firm will be required to have;

  • The consultant should have at least Bachelor degree in Communication or have registered communication firm.
  • Having ample experiences on audio-visual recording, editing, and media production;
  • Previous experience working with NGO/INGO working for similar thematic areas.
  • Clear understanding of the technical aspects of video making process and understanding of social
  • Development field is required along with experiences on using different tools and techniques in developing appropriate and quality audio-visual products.
  • 5 and above years of experience working in similar field.
  • Local Knowledge of Sukkur District. And knows Sindhi or have own translator for Sindhi.
  • Excellent technical capacities (state of art filming equipment preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high quality production.

Services and Facilities to be provided by World vision Pakistan

World vision will assure the quality aspects of the videos.  World vision Pakistan will help consultant to coordinate the field activities through its field staff and beneficiaries. However, following will be specific responsibilities:

  • Identify thematic cases for documentation.
  • Organize a coordination meeting with project team.
  • Coordinate with project staffs for the field visit to capture the footage.
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary.
  • Give inputs to draft and finalize videos.
  • Resource material for development of concept note and scripts.
  • On site coordination and facilitation for shooting.
  • Coordination with other departments or agencies, wherever necessary. 


All of the data collection will be guided by World Vision Pakistan MOU with relevant government authorities; it will be consultant responsibility to ensure the get maximum understanding of limitations and constraints from World Vision Pakistan. This study has to be concluded before the mid of Sept, 2017.


All interaction with the beneficiaries will be only made after their consent and they will be explained purpose of the data collection, and also use of the collected information. Consultant will strictly avoid indulging into any conversation of political or religious nature, and will not use any jargons, words or gestures those can be offensive on religious, ethnic, gender, age or any other ground.  Consultant will strictly avoid any sexual advances, offers or favours to beneficiaries, neither will promise any favours to survey participants. Consultant will not guide/or instigate respondents to provide specific answers, consultants will not misinterpret survey participant inputs or distort these. Safety and security of the survey participants is of the paramount importance consultant will not act in any manner putting security & safety of the survey participant at risk. Interaction with the children will be guided by World Vision Child Protection Policy and protection protocols.


All of the logistics arrangement related to assignment will be the responsibility of the consultant. World Vison Pakistan field team will extend support to the consultant through providing information and guidance in arranging logistics for the assignment – however consultant will arrange these through their own resources.

MEAL officer will help consultant in identification of the area and location to collect data, project manager and his/her team will facilitate consultant in organizing meetings stakeholder. Part of the budget consultant will propose all logistical costs. 

During the course of the assignment consultant in agreement with World Vision field admin staff will use field office facilities (space, furniture and internet) to execute field plan. In case of use World Vision facilities all the relevant policies, SOPs and procures will be binding. 

Mode of Payment /Budget

The total amount will be released in 4 segments of payment, 15% mobilization advance, 15% on initial plan/tools and design level-depending on nature of consultancy, 30% upon approved draft and remaining 40% on approval deliverable. 10% of the total of the contract will be retained as a performance bond which can only be released upon the completion of work as per agreed TOR and timeline specified in the contract. This can be taken as 10% of each installment. Withholding tax of 10% will be deducted from the total amount.


All outputs created/ made under this end line will be the sole property of WVP and consultant has to abstained from exercising any rights on such outputs, furthermore, the consultant shall keep the confidentiality of all information including documents provided to him OR output produced under this study and shall not disclose those to others without prior written consent from WVP. Documents which consultant will review during the research phase include:

  • Project proposal. 
  • Baseline report.
  • Performance Measurement Framework 


How to Apply:

Sealed proposals through Courier services are required to be submitted “TO: Procurement Committee address:House # 217, Broad way Street, Green Avenue, Chack Shehzad. Islamabad) on or before 17th September 2017. Consultancy title should be clearly mentioned on envelop.

Note: Tender bids received after the last date will not be accepted and final selection of the potential Consultants/Institutes will be based on technical & financial evaluation. Organization reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without assigning any reasons.