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Job Description:

Under and the direct supervision of the Migration Health Physician and overall supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, the incumbent will perform certain clinical tests and assist in maintaining integrity of clinical procedures during assessment of the Afghan population crossing Torkham border. In particular she/he will:

Explain medical procedures to the migrants.

  • To enquire females with possible pregnancy. Perform rapid tests for confirming pregnancy if migrant lady is unsure.
  • Offer brief ante natal counseling including nutritional advice to expectant mothers.
  • Maintain safety procedures at the transit medical centre
  • Perform pre designed medical checkup to crossing migrants.
  • Identify migrants with health vulnerabilities like late pregnancy, chronic chest infections, uncontrolled medical illnesses, infected major wounds.
  • Based on medical outcome, liaise with the closest cross border Afghan or internal Pakistani health facility for referral for medical needs.
  • Administer vaccine and or medication provided as part of the pre designed health package.
  • Maintain stock of medicines and temperature sheet.
  • Regularly maintain all relevant statistical data for onward submission to focal person in Migration health department at IOM country office.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Migration Health Physician or Chief Medical Officer.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Diploma of Nurse or Laboratory Technician.
  • Working knowledge of English.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Good oral communication skills.
  • Friendliness, patience and Flexibility to work in extended hours.
  • Ability to maintain documentation in order.
  • Female candidate with Farsi linguistic skills preferred.