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Chief Technical Officer shall be responsible for overseeing and managing the technical aspects involved in purification and delivery of water, ensuring most effective water treatment systems are implemented at each project and area.


2.1 Reports to:

  • CEO

2.2 Supervises:

  • Manager Water Treatment technologies, Manager Water Quality and Standards, Manager Designs and Specifications.

2.3 Dimensions of Position:

  • The incumbent shall be responsible for the selection of the contractor, the technical evaluation of the work executed and development of central and regional water quality labs.

2.4 Membership in Committees:

  • Consultant Selection Committee/ Procurement Management Committee
  • Implementation committee

2.5 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Employee Turnover in Technical Department
  • Extent of Targets and Strategy objectives achieved.
  • Deviation from the approved budget.
  • (Specific performance indicators are mutually agreed by incumbents and their supervisors on annual basis)


3.1 External:

  • EMCs/ Contractors
  • Vendor

3.2 Internal:

  • Projects & Services department
  • Community Mobilization Manager
  • Procurement and Legal department


  • Develop departmental strategy and goals in collaboration with the Strategic Management and Planning department, and communicate the finalized work plan to the departmental staff.
  • Provide technically sound and practical advice to CEO before finalizing any decision about the type and size of a filtration plant or water supply scheme to be implemented.
  • Coordinate with the Finance department for finalization of budget.
  • Remain cognizant about developments in water treatment technologies especially low cost technologies applicable in developing countries.
  • Review design of contaminant specific and other (conventional and non-conventional) water filtration plants for community water supplies.
  • Develop and review the data base of all kinds of existing water supply schemes, types of filtration plants and quality of water supply sources all over Punjab with special focus on rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Supervise water supply and treatment activities to be carried out by Engineering Management Consultancies (EMC) on behalf of PSPC.
  • Conduct surprise filed visits to ensure consistency between the real and provided information about the status of various activities.
  • Negotiate the type and design of water treatment system with EMCs before installation.
  • Coordinate with regional directors for technical trouble shooting and development of sampling and analysis protocol for continuous water quality monitoring.
  • Review and evaluate the technical evaluation report finalized by the Manager Designs and make recommendations to the Implementation committee on its basis.
  • Review the recommendations for instruments/ equipment made by Manager Water Treatment Technologies.
  • Review the water quality reports received from Manager Water Quality and Standards to ensure regular supply of quality water after projects implementation.
  • Supervise the work of the departmental staff including planning, organizing, directing and controlling their assignments, goals, objectives and personal development.