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EDIT March 27, 2017: Answers in response to questions to this RFQ have been updated in the attached RFQ document.

The U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) is a USAID funded project which aims to improve the ability of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture and livestock sectors to compete in international and national markets in the four target product lines; meat, high value and off season vegetables, mangoes and citrus. AMD will act as a catalyst for development and investment in target product lines by actively promoting cooperation and coordination amongst the value chain actors and ancillary service providers. AMD’s implementation strategy is underpinned by a strictly commercial and market driven approach with a clear focus on strengthening market access for its partner organizations, and support international marketing and sales efforts. 

The Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) is a Halal development organization of the Government of Punjab. PHDA was formed in 2012 with a mandate of formalizing and providing support to the Halal sector of Pakistan i.e. Halal products' certifications, business promotion, and capacity building and compliance regime of Halal food safety standards. PHDA since its inception has striven to brand Pakistan as “Halal Hub” in the world.

 PHDA is organizing 6th International Halal Conference and Expo on April 10-11, 2017 at Lahore. The main theme of the 6th international halal expo and conference is “Halal Trade and Islamic Financing-Way Forward to Sustainable Economic Development”. PHDA’s mandate is to improve investment in the halal sector by organizing halal conferences, facilitating exporters and associations. PHDA has previously successfully conducted these conferences and expositions since 2010 with an increasing inflow of exhibitors, visitors and other stake holders creating a bigger impact on the Pakistan’s Halal Industry.

As part of project activities AMD is providing financial and technical support to PHDA. In order to provide its support, project is in need of hiring a company for arrangements of PHDA conference and EXPO 2017 in Lahore. 

Download the RFQ document for details. 

Offers must be received no later than 3 PM local Pakistan time on March 30, 2017 by email to with a subject line RFQ No. AMD-046 PHDA International Halal Conference and EXPO 2017.