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Job Summary

The Security analyst /officer is a technical position related to the collection, processing and dissemination of security & safety information, time to time assessments and analysis and operational support in order that organization is able to effectively address security & safety concerns throughout the country.  

Following describes the scope of the work expected from Security Analyst/officer, however, it is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities and not limited only to the roles and functions listed below.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Create a win-win environment by gaining agreement from partners and / or Customers before taking partnership-oriented actions.
  • Develop a sound understanding of the missions and activities of organization, its members and of the wider humanitarian community through regular meetings and conversations so as to be able to appropriately represent on core issues.  
  • Assist as required in regularly liaison with stakeholders and interlocutors, such as United Nations (UN), independent Analytical bodies and Government of Pakistan in order to confirm information relevant to INGO / NGOs in Pakistan.

Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment

  • Support organization security and duty of care department in developing good assessments / risk analysis.
  • Provide sound, accurate and reliable security briefings and updates for the Team Leader by collating security information from a variety of sources including networking with local security and police agencies.
  • Identify any security threats and risks for senior management
  • Act as a point of contact on all security matters for staff in the office.
  • Help shape security policies and procedures to enhance the implementation of organization programme delivery in Pakistan.

Policies & Compliance

  • Comply at all times with organisation security Policy.  
  • Assist in ensuring compliance of all staff with the Safety and Security Plan, Procedures and SOPs by providing regular briefings to organisation's Staff, assistance in security measures, practices, plans and procedures, incident management and emergency responses to organization and its staff in Pakistan. 

Relationship Management

  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with all staff in the office locally, nationally, and if required, provincially.
  • Liaison with local NGOs, Pakistan Security Forces organizations (Army, Police, etc…) as appropriate.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining regional safety/security forums / presentations and as required conduct field visits - approximately 10% of time - to regional forums in order to support their function and meeting local law enforcement agencies, military and other actors to acquire information for the completion of analytical reports.

Information Sharing and Analysis

  • Responsible for maintaining an updated database of all safety and security incidences in Pakistan that can be used to analyse overall trends and changes in the operational environment. 
  • Ensure that INGO /NGOs related incidences are recorded and complete information is sought. If follow-up is necessary ensure that accurate, detailed information is recorded on an ongoing basis until the conclusion of the event.
  • In coordination with the Country Security manager develop and maintain a mapping tool for organisation in order to provide better analysis of overall trends and changes in the operational environment.
  • As and when required, lead on research and development of detailed analytical reports on topics of interest to organization in consultation with Country Security Manager. Analyse sudden trend changes within the operational environment and coordinate and liaise with external organisations to gather data and information. 
  • As and when required, prepare assessments and analysis for organization security briefings, meetings and time to time reports
  • Responsible for accurately maintaining the contact databases including both excel spreadsheets and SMS list/groups. .
  • With approval from Country Security Manager, lead on development and dissemination of security alerts as needed.
  • Assist Country Security Manager on development of presentations, agendas, meeting invitations and participant lists for security/safety meetings as needed. .
  • Design, develop and regularly maintain members tracking sheets for all organization staff movements.

Security Management

  • Provide day to day security management of security staff
  • Tracking and monitoring of all staff movement outside the offices within working hours.
  • Tracking all international staff and visitor movement outside the offices on a 24-hour basis.
  • Managing and approving vehicle travel by staff (route planning, risk assessments and ensuring vehicles are equipped and fit for travel)
  • Give security briefings to all new staff/visitors/consultants arriving in office/country or travelling out to field sites.
  • Maintain oversight and KPI assessment of the Guarding management contract.


  • Establish and conduct a regular training programme for staff including refresher training and if necessary to outsource this training where necessary.
  • Assist in developing and reviewing materials for organization security/ Safety led trainings and conferences. Produce training material and conduct training seminars/workshops/conferences as required.

Activity Reporting

  • Provide accurate and timely activity based reporting as per project SOPs: weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.;
  • Provide informative, timely and effectively presented written reports/numerical data as required;
  • Collect and analyse weekly reports;
  • Provide information to the Country Security Manager 
  • Provide operational and IT support to organisation security and Duty of Care Team as necessary and required and availability for assistance on 24/7 basis.

Minimum Experience Required

  • A minimum of three to five years’ experience as a commissioned officer in the military, police or similar guard force with proven experience in leadership roles is required or have an experience with security management roles in international organizations.
  • A minimum of 1 year of non-profit or INGO work experience within international humanitarian assistance programs with demonstrated capabilities in planning, organizing and executing security operations in the field.
  • Experience as a trainer; ability to develop, implement, facilitate and impart learning to a wide range of audiences.
  • Security training and experience with risk management including problem identification and problem solving required.
  • Experience of writing procedures, drafting reports, preparing business cases and compiling and adjusting duty rosters to meet shortfalls in staffing levels.
  • Ability to gain a precise understanding of the various local, regional, country and international policies, operational positions and interactions, providing clear dynamic briefings and analysis of given and unfolding security and political situations when they occur.
  • Must be licensed to drive in Pakistan

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge Required

  • Minimum Bachelors or Service Equivalent
  • Basic IT skills with a working knowledge of the range of MS Office packages and knowledge of electronic security systems.
  • Security professional with a proven experience within the security industry, armed services or the public sector.
  • Excellent written and verbal English Skills essential.
  • A strong and well-developed network of contacts with key security providers, as well as key professionals working with these providers