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Background: The position is for an international development project working to deliver social infrastructure across Pakistan.

Position Summary: This position is responsible for managing the day-to-day administration and people management of the School Support Team to ensure they are able to provide programme related technical support and other capacity building interventions delivery to District Education Officers, PTC/SC and CCSI members and the community.

Location: Districts in Punjab/KP-Multiple locations

Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Programme Delivery

  • Responsible for the OVERALL delivery of the Programme in his/her respective District.  The DM must ensure that all school level tasks are completed on a timely basis (meeting the construction schedule, invoice processing, scope and budgetary requirements etc.) through the effective management of the SST.  In order to do this effectively the DM needs to demonstrate that he/she is in constant communication (in writing and via telephone) with Provincial Managers (Community Development, Infrastructure, M&E etc.) and the Provincial Director for any support required to ensure the timely delivery of the Programme.
  • Approve the bi-Weekly School Visit Schedules for the DEs’, CDCs’ & SDE.
  • Recommending the Contract Variation Orders, following consultation with stakeholders relevant to the specific VO.
  • Perform any other task assigned by supervisor.

Internal and External Coordination/Correspondence

  • Regular Liaison with the District Government Officials to discuss progress and all issues needing resolution e.g. demolition, suggested scope of work changes by PTC/SCs etc. 
  • Conduct a Weekly Meeting w/ the SST, with minutes circulated to the PD & Provincial Managers within 2 working days.
  • Participate in a MANDATORY weekly conference call with the Provincial Director & Managers.
  • Attend the bi-weekly Contractor Meeting, as requested by the SDE.
  • Effectively communicate and report ANY and ALL issues that cannot be solved at the District Level, to the province or to CPMU, as and when support is required.  Failing to notify and/or seek resolution of outstanding issues will not be acceptable. It is important that DM (in coordination w/ the SDE) should regularly follow up on the escalated issues with the concerned people in the province and/or CPMU (in person, in writing or by telephone).

Monitoring and Problem Resolution

  • Monitor Inspections conducted by the District Engineer (DE) & Community Development Coordinator (CDC) using the MIS Dashboards and random field visits. 
  • To ensure that the required numbers of site visits are conducted per site and per week, in accordance (as much as possible) with the approved bi-weekly schedule.  DM is responsible for the veracity and validity of the project scope and the contract related data in the MIS.
  • EVERY MORNING THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Review and confirm that all inspections entered by the District Engineer and Community Development Coordinator are complete and meet the requirements listed in their Job Description.  Typical things to be checked for the inspections entered by the District Engineer includes the following:
    • The name of the Contractor Representative on site for inspection.
    • Observations, related to the particular inspection.
    • The recommendations made in the case of failure and the stipulated time for issues to be addressed (details in MIS and concise version in Site Register).
    • A clearly agreed re-inspection date with the contractor representative.
    • Accurate Photographs related to the specific details in the inspection.
    • All required construction forms to be filled and attached e.g. Contract Variation Orders, Rebar Approval Forms, Material Approval Forms, Source Approvals, Bar bending schedules, concrete test results, non-compliance reports etc.
    • For re-inspections (because of failure of previous inspection or delays), District Engineer will be required to make a specific entry addressing the resolution of the issue.
    • It is compulsory that all major milestone visits should be in accordance with ‘Joint Measurements’ (with District Engineer & Contractor Engineer together) on site.
    • During the site visit, the DM will check to see that monitoring and enforcement of the widespread use of PPE Equipment & Removal of Debris is being done by the DE.
    • To ensure the resolution of all school related issues coming out of the MIS Inspections, in collaboration with the SDE e.g. resolution of Failed Inspections and addressing of re-inspection associated delays, technical or otherwise e.g. community related complaints/disputes.  Any technical issue that has been highlighted by an external stakeholder to be escalated to the Construction Supervision Manager and/or Community Development Manager for follow up and resolution.
    • Responsible for filing incident reports and sharing these with PD & SMT within 24 hours for any issues that could result in a loss of credibility e.g. life safety, child labor, strike by contractor and/or community reps regarding the Humqadam Programme.

Administrative Support

  • Provide necessary logistical support to SST Members in the achievements of their weekly tasks.
  • Manage, reconcile the accounts for petty cash, OSA etc.
  • Responsible for Approval of Leave Applications, Timesheet of District Teams and other administrative functions. 
  • Ensure advisories and guidance issued by the Humqadam SCRP directors is compiled by concerned district team members.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Understanding of local community and cultural sensitivities;
  • Ten years’ experience in the Education Sector, Construction Management and / or Infrastructure Development is desirable; and
  • Minimum 5 years of leadership experience to manage multidisciplinary teams is essential.
  • Basic skills required in Administration, financial management, vehicle management and inventory management.
  • A relevant Bachelor’s Degree with a relevant Master’s Degree being desirable;
  • Written and spoken English (business conversation)  as well as local language(s);
  • IT Literacy: able to use M’soft Word, Powerpoint and Excel at an intermediate level plus has knowledge of Smartphone / tablet  applications;

Note: Shortlisting can be done anytime before the deadline of the advertisement.