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Scope of Work

The agriculture implements manufacturing sector is at a very rudimentary stage with low productivity and poor cost competitiveness. The major areas of improvement include workers skills up-gradation, application of industrial engineering principles, certification and standardization, technology up-gradation, inefficient usage of energy etc. 

All these factors are leading to lower process and labor productivity with high wastage and re-work rate, greater consumption of material and energy resulting in unnecessary costs which is rendering the manufacturing units uncompetitive in local and international markets. 

Process / operations productivity is one of the greatest issues, which have never been taken care of by the management of the manufacturing units, mostly due to unawareness and lack of management capacity. Majority of these manufacturing units grew from blacksmith shops or small workshops, but their expansion was ill-planned and in most of the cases, contrary to the industrial engineering principles. Therefore, major problems exist in their workshop layout, process flow, ergonomics, and product and information flow. 

In this background, the USAID Firms Project intends to provide assistance to 12 prospective signatory manufacturing units in order to improve their process / operations productivity by utilizing industrial engineering principles, lean manufacturing approaches, 5S and other applicable concepts of good manufacturing practices.  

For these interventions, the USAID Firms Project seeks the services of a consultant who can frequently visit the 12 prospective manufacturing units and can work with them to improve their operations, layout and systems towards greater efficiency and productivity.

Objective of this Consultancy

The objective of this consultancy is to work with 12 prospective signatory agricultural implements manufacturing units to improve their processes, operations and productivity by improving their workshop layout and by implementing industrial engineering principles along with good manufacturing practices.

Specific Tasks of the Consultant

Analyze and evaluate the current production systems of agricultural implements manufacturing units along with all processes and operations to chalk out the gaps therein.

Write a short report for each unit, illustrating the production system and the gaps therein, and way forward for transformation by explaining each area of improvement along with an action plan for achieving these improvements, in line with industrial engineering principles and lean manufacturing approaches.

Regularly visit the 12 prospective manufacturing units per a given schedule in order to provide technical assistance for the improvement of process productivity in accordance with the analysis and action plan.

In each unit, perform all essential activities for the implementation of lean manufacturing and industrial engineering including but not limited to developing of cross functional lean teams, value stream mapping, setting key performance indicators, changes in workshop layout, streamlining material/inventory and information flow, 5S, Kaizan, one piece flow (where ever applicable), process stabilization, and various tools of productivity improvement.

Impart in-house awareness, orientation and training sessions for employees and management of each unit, required for effective implementation of lean manufacturing system to improve labor and process productivity and to reduce wastage.

Develop posters, pamphlets, and other informative material required for information and implementation of the said systems for the workers and management. 

Job Qualifications 

  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering / Business Administration.
  • At least five years of professional experience.
  • Experience providing technical assistance to private sector for implementation of productivity tools and lean manufacturing is essential
  • Experience of conducting training sessions would definitely be a plus
  • Good writing and communication skills in Urdu & English


  • Twelve short reports (one for each manufacturing unit), encompassing analysis and evaluation of current manufacturing system/practices and gaps therein with respect to process and labor productivity and wastage reduction. Moreover, the report should provide the way forward, a strategy and action plan for the implementation of lean manufacturing system and industrial engineering principles. 
  • Regular visits to the twelve prospective signatory manufacturing units to provide technical assistance as per given schedule, and submit a monthly progress report of each manufacturing unit.
  • Conduct in-house training sessions for workers and management of 12 manufacturing units to enhance their capacity for proper implementation of lean manufacturing and other productivity tools.
  • Develop informational material and training material, required for effective implementation of lean manufacturing system.
  • A comprehensive consultancy report at completion of consultancy work, describing all the activities including a schedule of visits made, achievements and challenges faced, on the given template of USAID Firms Project.

Period of Performance

This assignment is planned to take place on/around November 30, 2013 to on/around November 30, 2014 for a total LOE of 160 days.

Note: Applications can also be submitted through email at Kindly mention the consultancy position clearly in the subject line.