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KfW Funded Hydropower and Renewable Energy (HRE) Project

Terms of Reference

1.      Organization

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is the lead apex institution for community-driven development in the country. Set up as a fully autonomous private sector institution, PPAF enjoys facilitation and support from the Government of Pakistan, the World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), KfWEntwicklungsbank (Development Bank of Germany) and United States (US) corporate sector.  Outreach of PPAF now extends throughout Pakistan and its microcredit, water and infrastructure, drought mitigation, education, health and emergency response interventions have been widely recognized. Externally commissioned independent studies have demonstrated positive outcomes and impact of PPAF interventions on the lives of benefiting communities related to their economic output, household incomes, assets, agricultural productivity skills and other quality of life indices.  For a complete profile, please visit our website at

2.      Background

In the backdrop of energy crisis in Pakistan, PPAF has initiated a Hydropower and Renewable Energy (HRE) project with the financial assistance of KfW.  In its first phase, the program is expected to benefit over 150,000 people of 10 districts of KP in over three year period.  These districts include Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Chitral, Swat, Swabi, Buner, Hangu, Karak, Bannu and Lakki-Marwat.  The overall objective of the program is to reduce the use of fuel wood, increased access of communities to energy, more income generation/ employment opportunities and strengthening /empowering the institutions of the poor. In order to meet these objectives of the program; Installation of  micro/ mini hydro plants, solar lighting systems and solar powered integrated water efficient irrigation systems are the major components of this program. Aiming at maximizing the use of natural RE potential of different areas and integrating technology and production, some pilot projects in renewable energy (PPRE) are also planned.  These pilot projects will include a solar powered community managed bakery, Solar-Wind Hybrid Units, development of a local hybrid grid system, integrating electricity produced through micro-hydro, solar, wind, and hybrid units. The program will provide clean and environment friendly source of energy to the community and is expected to reduce over 4,200 tons of carbon emission, annually. This program is carefully designed with thorough consultations with KfW, POs and other stakeholders including the community members.

3.      Objective

The main objective of this consultancy assignment is to manage various activities of the KfW funded Hydropower and Renewable Energy Project in KP.  The specific objectives include:

  • To work as Project Manager HRE and for this purpose assume responsibility of achieving physical and financial targets of the project
  • Carry out desk and field appraisals for POs for project implementation and assist SGH (PGS) in defending them at the PPAF Credit Committee
  • Undertake supervision/implementation support/monitoring and facilitation visits to the project sites
  • Ensure effective and timely implementation of the HRE Project activities
  • Capacity building of PPAF and PO staff with respect to implementation of HRE projects
  • Liaise with the donor agency and their appointed project consultants, INTEGRATION and the partner organizations

4.      Scope of Work (SoW) and Person Specification

Specifically, the consultant will perform the following services:

  • Top supervision of all micro/mini hydropower and other renewable energy projects undertaken under the KfW funded HRE Project
  • Lead a team of professionals involved in the HRE Project Activities
  • Assign tasks to junior professionals and facilitate them in preparing annual plans of operation
  • Contribute and supervise the partner organizations to develop technical feasibility studies undertaken for hydropower and other renewable energy projects.
  • Responsible for reviewing, verifying and recommending approval for micro/mini hydropower and renewable energy project proposals.
  • Responsible for contributing in improving the civil works design, designing/ manufacturing of hydro turbines and implementation of hydropower projects.
  • Responsible for checking and improving the electrical & mechanical design, manufacturing and implementation of hydropower and renewable energy projects.
  • Responsible for suggesting and developing photovoltaic (PV) off-grid solar systems as per site conditions meant for lighting and solar pumping.
  • Ensure in-time initiation/completion and follow of quality work specifications during inspection visits i.e. workmanship, quantum of work, quality control tests, manufacturing and installation of hydropower and renewable energy projects.
  • During all field visits the consultant is required to give written instructions to the POs concerning civil works, materials and workmanship including progress of work.
  • On satisfactory completion and verification of hydropower and renewable energy projects, the consultant will check the functionality of electrical and mechanical devices and equipments.
  • The consultant will prepare monthly and quarterly progress reports as per approved formats. The report will highlight the major achievements during the quarter; gaps occurred and suggest appropriate remedial measures.
  • Represent PPAF at different REforums
  • Any other task related to PPAF supported HRE Projectassigned by Senior Group Head (PGS), PPAF

5.      Qualifications of Consultant

  • B.Sc. Engineering degree preferably with M.Sc. in Renewable Energy,
  • A minimum of 15 years experience in the planning, design, and implementation of Mini/micro hydropower projects. Experience in other Renewable Energy projects, such as those employing solar PV or wind turbines will be a plus.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in English and local language
  • Familiarity with PPAF’s work.

6.      Deliverables

The deliverables for this consultancy assignment will include:

  1. Management of day to day affairs and operations of the HRE project
  2. Monthly Progress Report on the approved format
  3. Quarterly Progress Report on the approved format
  4. Development of improved design specifications of various RE projects though “Integration”, the kfw appointed consultants
  5. Conduct RE knowledge management workshop

7.      Contract Duration

12 months