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Objective 1: Data entry:

- Liaise with OTP and TFC supervisors on a daily basis to obtain accurate programme data;
- Check the quality of the data to be entered and inform immediate supervisor of any problems;
- Calculate the time needed for data entry and keep immediate supervisor informed of its progress on a daily basis;
- Enter the data taken from questionnaires and from all nutrition charts related to nutrition activities;
- Check the entered data;
- Compile beneficiaries’ information in accurate forms upon reception from field teams;
- Transmit the information to direct supervisor as soon as data is entered.

Objective 2: Data analysis:

- Ensure the cleaning of the data;
- Summarize the entered data in the form of reports as appropriate
- Present results in appropriate graphical forms (charts, graphs etc)
- Develop elaborate statistical tables;
- Calculate nutrition programme performance indices
- Propose improvements on data collection tools.

Objective 3: File the data:
- File the questionnaires and computer data;
- Code the questionnaires and nutrition charts;
- Save the data entries regularly as well as the statistical results;
- Ensure regular (weekly) data back up

Objective 4: Reporting:
- Based on the data available, develop reports as require (e.g. for partner and programme);
- Perform other duties as assigned by the programme manager