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1.                   PURPOSE

The purpose of this technical assistance is to provide short-term technical expertise during the implementation of the USAID’s Agribusiness Project (UAP) which is being implemented by USAID in collaboration with the Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF). The project has five years duration. The consultant will be responsible for providing key strategic linkages for the project and will facilitate in leading the value chain platforms, national working groups, organizing national and international events on behalf of UAP.  The consultant will undertake the following responsibilities;

  • Provide inputs in designing, organizing and executing the national and international events, meetings and road shows in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Help designing in new concepts and themes for the promotion of UAP activities, creating strategic alliances and linkages b/w the business companies, associations, organizations and private businesses;
  • Develop a road map for the engagement of UAP in various development and marketing activities which will help maximize the advantages/benefits from this programme
  • Develop, discuss and implement strategy for UAP engagement with potential stakeholders along with time lines, objectives and roadmap in collaboration with sector specialists and advisors, under the guidance of CoP and Director ME&C.


2.                   BACKGROUND

Agriculture continues to be one of the major sectors of the economy in Pakistan. Majority of the country’s population is, are either directly or indirectly dependent on this sector. Agriculture contributes 21.4 percent towards the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), accounts for about more than half of employed labor force and is a major source of foreign exchange earnings. However there is a continued reliance on major crops, high yields gap and the absence of a dynamic and diversified high-value agribusiness sub-sector. A diversified and competitive agribusiness sector can contribute to export led growth, food import substitution, enhanced food security, employment creation thereby contributing to poverty alleviation. The potential for agribusiness sector to expand is substantial especially in the horticulture and livestock sub-sectors notably in the area of value addition; processing and marketing. To realize these potentials, interventions are required across all functions of value chains to improve its competitiveness and to enhance capabilities of value chain operators to respond to domestic, regional and international market requirements.

The UAP, which will be implemented in collaboration with ASF and experienced domestic and international partners will contribute towards achievement of the broader development objective envisaged under USAID’s  2011-2015 Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector Strategy especially regarding  Objective 1 i.e. ‘competiveness of horticulture and livestock-including  dairy value chains increased’. The overall goal of the project is to “support improved conditions for broad-based economic growth, create employment opportunities and contribute to poverty alleviation through increase in competitiveness of horticulture and livestock value chains in partnership with all stakeholders”.

Specific objectives of the project are to: (i) strengthen the capacity in horticulture and livestock value chains to increase sales to domestic and foreign markets; (ii) strengthen the capacity of smallholders and farmer enterprises to operate autonomously and effectively; and, (iii) increase agriculture efficiency and productivity through adoption of new farming techniques and technological innovation among targeted beneficiaries.

Activities of the project are organized into two components i.e. (i) Technical Assistance (TA) for Capacity Building and Program Support; and, (ii) Partnership Window for Cost-Sharing Grants.

Under component-1, the project will provide on-going technical and capacity building assistance to upgrade and strengthen capacities in the priority value chains within horticulture and livestock sub-sectors through its four sub-components including: (1) International Technical Assistance & Program Delivery Support, (2) International Market Linkages Development, (3) Kissan Field (Schools (KFS), and (4) Capacity Building, Training & Awareness.

This activity is in line with the objective of strengthening the market linkages within the value chains to enable them operate efficiently and to initiate the export of the products to the various destinations.

3.                   STATEMENT OF WORK

The consultant will work in conjunction with the agribusiness specialist and relevant project team members and will undertake the assignment. The consultant is expected to address and undertake the following key activities and tasks as summarized below:

  1. Lead the development of key strategic partnerships to help operate effectively, grow and expand its operations in field; 
  2. Identify, lead and execute strategic partnerships and alliances for sector focused objectives, with guidance from the COP, Director ME&C and advice of Sector Specialists;
  3. Grow a portfolio of partnerships which address the global priorities for while developing a pipeline of strategic resource partners and acclimatizing them;
  4. Facilitate the organization and lead international delegations for expositions either local or international, to help sign contracts between buyers and sellers, foster sector-based engagement strategies, in close association with the Private sector development team;
  5. Solicit, lead and facilitate stakeholder engagement for all VCPs, NTWG, especially the NAbF, with institutions, private sector, public sector, associations, NGOs, individuals, etc;
  6.  Lead and facilitate necessary dialogue, meetings, events, trainings, workshops, fora, etc, locally and internationally, according to a pre-defined work plan and VCP objectives;
  7. Coordinate activities and communication with strategic partner organizations, especially with intersection of business and international development context;
  8. Contribute to developing integrated strategic communication plans, especially up-stream communiqués, BTL activities and branding of ASF-UAP, with the ME&C team.
  9. Develop, discuss and implement strategy for UAP engagement with potential stakeholders along with time lines, objectives and roadmap in collaboration with sector specialists and advisors, under the guidance of CoP and Director ME&C.

4.                   DURATION, TIMING AND SCHEDULE

It is anticipated that the period of performance of this assignment will be for about 100 days/year. A possible schedule of activities follows:


*Tentative Time Allocation in Days

Estimated Timing

Organizing Official Meetings for VCP;s, NTWG;s, National and International Workshops

25 Days

August 2012 to July 2013

Undertake arrangements for participation in expos, fairs, events of national and international nature

25 Days

August 2012 to July 2013

International and national business meetings, strategy formulation, action plan and business support activities for UAP

25 days

August 2012 to July 2013

Time to Time Activities /Miscellaneous, Coordination

10 Days

August 2012 to July 2013


85 Days


*Subject to vary from time to time on need basis and project priorities

5.                   REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS

A.      Education:

The consultants should have a master degree in business management and marketing

B.      Experience:

The consultant should have demonstrated experience of working in developing countries on themes related to horticulture development, export, marketing, arranging expos and events, managing international trade fairs, events, organizing and maturing international business meetings and contracts


Excellent English writing and speaking ability is required.  The candidate should have a demonstrated capacity to communicate complex policy, strategy, and program issues orally and in writing in a clear, concise, and well-organized manner.

C.      Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

Knowledge of international marketing of horticulture products as well as working knowledge with USAID funded projects. Skills in the use of MsOffice are also essential. The consultant should be able to travel extensively within the country and to international markets.