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World Vision is a humanitarian and development organization working worldwide. World vision has been working in Pakistan responding to different disasters i.e. Earthquake in 2005, IDP response, Floods 2010 and 2011; bedsides, world vision has initiated development interventions for the urban and rural areas in different sectors. To respond to the IDPs Emergency in KPK 2012 world vision started its intervention in Jalozai camp in the sectors of WAIFS and Child Protection. IDPs Response Coordinator will be responsible for overall implementation of the Response projects in KPK Province.

Major Responsibilities:


  • Work closely with the ADM in needs assessment, project design and development of relevant indicators.
  • To revise and implement the detailed  implementation Plan (DIP) for the respective project in the respective project area.
  • To organize and lead orientation sessions on the IDPs Response projects interventions to the colleagues in the area office.
  • Promote networking and coordination with local partner NGOs.
  • Organize and lead capacity building sessions for Project staff.
  • Ensure  the proper utilization of project budget as indicated in the detailed budget.
  • Conduct regular project visits, assess the progress and impact of the implemented programs and provide progress reports to HEA Manager/ADM and sector specialist.
  • Develop weekly/bi weekly/ monthly report of the Response projects with the support of CP Coordinator and WAIFS Supervisor   intervention to be shared with HEA Manager/ ADM, sector lead on regular basis including financial utilization.
  • Organize frequent sessions on the implementation of project to line manager and relevant  staff of the organization.
  • Represent WV Pakistan in the clusters/working group and other forum related to IDPs and Other Emergencies.
  • Prepare timely objective reports, work plans, review and other reports as required to submit to the HEA Manager/ADM/Sector leads Program Officer and Support offices.
  • Ensure that the quality of the project and its outcome is in line with humanitarian standards like Humanitarian Accountability, SPHERE standards as well as WV’s standard requirements.
  • Assist in all procurement activities related to IDPs Response project in order to guarantee cost-efficient, appropriate, environmentally sound and qualitative procurement mechanisms.
  • Check regularly the budget vs. expenditures and submit recommendations.
  • To initiate and finalize the recruitment of project staff in the respective area office in close coordination with HEA Manager/Area Manger and   human resource officer.
  • Participate in appraisals of staff under the project  to ensure  proper review. 
  • Accompanying project visitors to the field when required, in consultation with the HEA Manager/ADM.
  • Staff hiring, orientation and capacity building in relation to local requirements.
  • During Project implementation to observe  cultural sensitivity and Codes of Conduct which must be kept up-held for putting the stakeholders at comfort for achieving better results without disturbing the local norms.
  •  Liaise with the WV Pakistan focal person to identify any problems or issues arising and to provide updates on the progress.
  • Present draft findings of the project intervention.
  •  Finalize report and hand over all related documents to WVP within the specified date agreed-upon. Submit soft copies of all raw data in CD.
  • To maintain records of all meetings, field work, assessments, strategies, distributions by household, cluster, and village.
  • To write program  plans, weekly reports and final reports as needed reporting to national DRR Coordinator.

Skills, Knowledge, Education and Experience:


  • Ability to arrange and conduct trainings
  • Effective interpersonal skills.
  • Masters in Social sciences  with 5 years. 
  • Experience in the project coordination, implementation  and Mobilization & Significant proven experience in emergency Management.
  • Ability to manage conflicts.
  • Ability of working in mixed gender/ethnic environment.

    Core Capabilities

    • Achieving quality results and services.
    • Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly.
    • Building collaborative relationship.
    • Practicing accountability and integrity.