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CVA Officer – MuzaffarGarh (2 positions M/F)


Purpose Of Position:

CVA Officer will be responsible not only to implement the advocacy related Project in line with WVP advocacy strategy to empower communities in the flood affected target areas, especially women and children, but also all project in which Citizen, Voice and Action approach is involved. In this way communities are more aware about their entitlements including social, economic and political rights & responsibilities. CVA Officer will assist to lead, manage and promote Citizen Voice and Action within and outside of the organization.  The CVA Officer will support  all WVP’s advocacy CVA based interventions which aim to ensure general ccommunities (especially women and children) in the flood-affected areas to be able to live in an environment in which they protect not only their own rights but also their future in terms of communities participation. CVA Officer will also ensure that all WVP projects strategies are aligned together and a mechanism of sustainability is ensured.

Major responsibilities:


  1. To represent & introduce WVP into government line departments, its goals and objectives to ensure confidence building and smooth penetration through communities.
  2. Ensure capacity building of government line department on the concept of CVA approach.
  3. Ensure that public policies are discussed and understood by WVP and government.
  4. Facilitate CVA exercises with government departments.
  5. To represent & introduce WVP into communities, its goals and objectives to ensure confidence building and smooth penetration through communities.
  6. Ensure capacity building of communities on the concept of CVA approach.
  7. Ensure that public policies are discussed and understood by WVP and Communities.
  8. Community mobilization through information dissemination / corner meeting on public policy issues.
  9. Identification of key social activists in the target area of WV and ensuring active community participation in public gatherings.
  10. Formation of community groups and documenting their local practices.
  11. Work closely with CBO/CSC/CSO and build their capacity in social mobilization to encourage affective community participation.
  12. Facilitate CVA exercises with Communities.
  13. Efficiently co-ordinate with all local stakeholders at village to union council level to district and then at provisional level.
  14. Interface meeting between CSHG representatives and government line departments (TMA/ PHED) to develop a final action plan.
  15. Strengthen the capacity of internal and external stakeholder in order to initiate the CVA activities.
  16. Facilitate CVA exercises with Communities.
  17. Support Advocacy coordinator in conducting Mobilization and Advocacy training and provide guidelines for VOs/CBOs/SMC/CSHG and other formal and non-formal community structures.
  18. Training of WVP staff, government line departments (TMA/ PHED) and CSHG on CVA
  19. Conduct meetings with working groups of each sector in district support groups to identify the issues and informed to the government by WVP management.
  20. Ensure the integration of CVA into WVP integrated model.
  21. Understand and incorporate WVI Protection standards, Child Protection Policies and cross cutting themes into all sectors of work.
  22. Submission of daily field visit reports.


Skills and Knowledge:


  1. Requires demonstrated well-developed knowledge and sensitivity of cross-cultural communication and dynamics.
  2. Self-motivated, committed person will be preferred.
  3. Demonstrated leadership ability.
  4. Strong organizational skills and ability to work under pressure. 
  5. Demonstrated capacity to function well in a team and contribute effectively to team efforts. 
  6. Must be fluent in English and have strong written and oral communication skills.  Knowledge of a local language would be highly regarded.
  7. Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity.
  8. Requires emotional maturity and ability to adjust to harsh living conditions.
  9. Ability to identify advocacy opportunities.
  10. Interest in human rights issues and social change.

Education & Experience:


  1. Degree in Social Science.
  2. Experience of working as Advocacy officer and media outreach.
  3. Requires proven experiences in development work.
  4. Requires detailed knowledge on Policies and their impacts.
  5. Requires strong skills of communication, negotiation, mediation and coordination, both verbal and written.