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ACF Pakistan is a humanitarian non-governmental organization. Due to the unique nature of relief activities, the exact duties of the employee and the working schedule may be subject to temporary variations. All employees are requested to demonstrate flexibility.

This job description may be subject to permanent modifications following the evolution of the activities. These modifications will be defined and discussed between the employee and ACF Pakistan.



Objective 1: Overall Management of the Base


  • To ensure the smooth running of the base including coordination and inter-departmental priority follow up.
  • To coordinate and ensure the adequate set up and running of program support activities.
  • To ensure that ACF Charter, procedures, policies and donor regulations applicable to projects implemented on the base in regards to support departments.
  • Timely, consistent follow up and coordination with FieldCo and Capital Administration and Logistics as required for the proper monitoring of the Base.
  • Coordinate and ensure planning and ToR of the visits from other Bases and/or Capital Office to  Base.
  • Promote departmental meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Chair weekly Base Coordination Meeting and keep minutes for submission to FieldCo.
  • Submit  Base Weekly Situation Report to FieldCo.


Objective 2: Administration and Logistics

  • To ensure correct ACF Administration procedures and protocols are followed.
  • To ensure correct ACF Logistic procedures (KitLog3) and protocols are followed.
  • Ensure Administration and Logistics needs are captured and communicated to the Capital and FieldCo.
  • Ensure  Office is equipped with all necessary assets and allocation and use of equipment is done as per ACF guidelines
  • Submit monthly logistic report in coordination with Base Logistician.
  • Organise and monitor supply chain management and fleet management in coordination with Base logistician.
  • Support Procurement Planning and supervise procurement process in coordination with Log department.
  • Ensure correct and transparent selection of suppliers, services, works and rental contracts.
  • To ensure the proper management of finance in coordination with Base Administrator including planning, authorization of expenses, and reporting (monthly forecast, monthly cash count submission to Capital, accounting/SAGA etc).
  • To ensure all the national staff have proper job description, evaluation and action plan and are well explained to all staff and signed.
  • Leave approval and registration.
  • Ensure that recruitment, management and follow up of internal regulations for all staff is done according to ACF guidelines and legal requirements of Pakistan.


Objective 3: Safety and Security


  • To take the responsibility of security of ACF staff and assets in the Base in close coordination with Field Coordinator and Security Officer.
  • To regularly collect information regarding the situation in the area and produce context analysis updates.
  • To support in the elaboration of the Base Security Plan.
  • To follow-up and ensure the implementation of the ACF security rules and procedures in  Base.
  • Correct and timely action regarding staff behavior relating to Safety and Security.
  • To submit Incident Reports as required in accordance with ACF Incident Reporting Procedure.


Objective 4: Representation/Coordination


  • To represent the organization at local level as requested by the Field Coordinator
  • To represent ACF International - for non-technical aspects - in  Base.
  • To lead the Weekly Base Coordination Meeting and other ad hoc internal meetings as requested by the FieldCo.
  • To liaise closely with the Field Coordinator for any issues in  Base.



  • Weekly Situation Report every Friday at 5:30pm
  • Log, Admin and Financial reports as per current practice of respective departments





  • Inform the Field Coordinator of any professional problems encountered.
  • Conduct all duties in a professional manner following ACF staff regulations and Charter.
  • Be flexible and adaptable with regards to the implementation of the daily work.
  • Be punctual.






  • At least 3 years in similar position with Management of Human Resources and Office/Base Coordination experience
  • Financial Management and Administration skills
  • Organised, proactive, able to make decisions and define priorities
  • Capacity of analysis, synthesis and reporting
  • Honesty, reliability, autonomy and sense of responsibility
  • Capacity Building, Coaching and Mentoring of teams
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Very good IT skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Previous experience working for NGOs is a strong asset