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World Vision International-Pakistan Video Documentary Consultant Terms of Reference (ToRs)

Preparation of Video and Audio Instruction documentary on the DRR/CBDRM (community based disaster risk management)

Introduction: World Vision is an International Humanitarian organization active in emergency relief and long term development programs in nearly 100 countries worldwide. World Vision International has been operational in Pakistan since 2001 and working in the areas of livelihoods, protection, education, commodities, child protection, reconstruction, health, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Water Sanitation and Hygiene.

The DRR team in Peshawar, Muzaffargarh and Sukkur has started community based disaster risk management (CBDRM) for enhanced preparedness to disasters. To further enhance capacity of WV Pakistan staff and its stakeholders the DRR sector of WV Pakistan has planned to develop a training/ capacity building audio visual tool in the format of  documentary on the CBDRM and DRR activities with community, children, parents teachers’ council and development of disaster management committees. The video will be used for the capacity building and awareness of the members of community, community based organizations (CBOs), NGOs and civil society for sensitization on DRR and community resilience

Following TORs may be agreed with the independent Consultant/organization:

 Objective of the DRR Instruction Video/documentary:

1. To film the ongoing training sessions as an instructional and awareness video on the DRR/CBDRM covering different phases of the CBDRM activities such as community trainings, and DRR sessions demonstrated with children andyouth and showing different hazards with Video and Urdu voice in the back ground.

2. For the preparation and recording purposes the consultant will visit field areas for capturing on ground training sessions with training instructions and exercises by the community members

3. To study and prepare a script for audio visual narration with the documentary explaining different sessions and activities of the CBDRM approach as a learning tool.

4. To organize and conduct interviews with different stakeholders on the approach of CBDRM and DRR in the context of Pakistan 

5. Document in different operational areas hazards such as floods, earthquake, drought and fire

6. In coordination with World Vision Disaster Risk Reduction team document and record evacuation drills, First Aid exercises, search and rescue, hazards mapping and proceeding of the  disaster management committee.

7. All the above activities to be combined in one instructional video with editing after draft with a final copy to be shared with World Vision Pakistan.  

Approach & Methodology:

  We believe in quality services with customized approach. Interactive methodology based on actual situation with local flavor and terminologies so that actual situation is highlighted and the viewers and listeners can visualize the reality in the disaster affected areas  We also strongly emphasize that the film makers/consultants behave in a way that is respectful of children and communities and remain accountable to WVP’s child protection policy at all times.  The consultant must ensure that everyone appearing in the video must give their informed formal consent in writing.  All field based filming will be subject to approval by World Vision Security department. Terms & Conditions:

 The proposed duration of the video will be of 15 minutes.   Script will be reviewed and approved by WV team before recording  Good Quality camera to be used with professional camera man for documenting different lessons and situations.  Fee as per the agreement will be made to the consultant  Boarding/ lodging & travel cost to for field visits will be covered by WVP

Specific Tasks for Consultant:

 Submission of brief lay out of the documentary process  Preparation of reference material, other documentaries.  Pictures, videos or other material collected during the process to be shared with WV team and will be the property of WV Pakistan.  To prepare the draft documentary and share with DRR team.

 To revise and edit the documentary as per WV communication standards


World Vision Pakistan and the consultant will agree on fee for the complete process with a final document ready for dissemination 

Time Lines and Dates for filming:

The period of Consultancy will be 20 days from the date of signing of the contract..

Payment Process:

Full and final payment will be made through cheque upon submission of invoice after completion of the task with submission of all the deliverables accepted by WVP. 

How to apply:

Interested firms/ independent consultants are requested to send their proposals to P.O Box # 3124, Islamabad not later than 30 July 2012 The envelope should be clearly marked with the title of the consultancy.

The Proposal should include:

1. Profile with complete office address of the Consultant/ Electronic Media /advertising agency having relevant experience

2. Profile/CV of the main staff working on the assignment

3. Financial proposal/ Detail of Budget required

4. Technical proposal

5. Previous experience with proof in shape of experience certificates

6. Sample video, documentary or film in a CD (minimum one)

7. Minimum Two references with contact details of referees.