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-       Good level of  spoken and written Local and English languages

-       Excellent skills in organizing work flow, capacity to follow protocols and take own initiative.

-       Excellent ability to work as part of a team.

-       Ability to work in an environment where there are physical discomforts associated with change in weather or discomforts associated with noise, dust or dirt.



-       A diploma in Nursing

-       Previous experience of  Infant and young Child Feeding practices /treatment of malnourished children in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition is advantageous

-       Filing and ability to work and stay with beneficiaries in order to change their behaviour through health and nutrition education sessions. 

Job Description:

Objective 1: Rapid/detailed assessment of Infant and Young Child feeding practices in mothers/care givers at Basic Health Units (BHUs)



-           Conduct Simple Rapid Assessment (SRA) of all mothers with children under 24 months that            attend   the OTP/SFP programme through the local Basic Health Units (BHUs).

-           Conduct  detailed assessment of child feeding practices in women that require additional                  support             or reveal difficulties.

-           Complete and maintain individual breastfeeding beneficiary report cards.

-           Perform close monitoring of all beneficiaries, including follow up checks with community   mobilisers and summaries of total number of mothers attended to.

-           Maintain clear communication with all other CMAM programme staff regarding the status of             beneficiaries,   including OTP nurse, supervisor, measures and community mobiliser.



Objective 2: One to One tailored counselling sessions for all mothers with children under 24 months.



-           Provide tailored one to one counselling sessions, based on initial assessments, offering                     practical advice  and education to mothers on the key issues of Infant and Young child feeding          practices.

-           Ensure all mothers/care givers are aware of the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the           initial 6 months.

-           Discourage and educate mothers on the dangers of feeding bottles by exchanging used bottles for    cups and spoons provided by ACF.

-           Provide mothers with practical advice on correct attachment and positioning when    breastfeeding, timely introduction of complementary foods and respond to any concerns or local   taboos associated with IYCF.

-           Utilise the provided education material on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices,        relaying accurate, practical and specific advice for the mothers needs.

-           Ensure a comfortable, calm environment for counselling sessions and maintain good relationships   with the beneficiaries.


Objective 3:  Maintenance of IYCF integration within all CMAM components


-           Ensure strong communication links with all other CMAM staff, providing advice and support to       all other staff members on IYCF issues as and when they arise.

-           Conduct education sessions within the surrounding community on the importance of IYCF   practices in conjunction with community mobilisers.

-           Aid in establishing mother to mother support groups/committees within the community to provide    additional support for mothers and extend knowledge of good IYCF practices.

-           Ensure all mothers attending the OTP clinic are provided with IYCF counselling


Note: Only Local (Tando Muhammad Khan) female candidates are requested to apply