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Relevant Experience:

  • Master’s degree (or higher) in agriculture/horticulture or related field with specialization in potato sector.
  • Minimum of seven years of relevant potato-related experience including development of training content/curriculum, data compilation, and report writing; experience in potato is preferred.
  • Prior experience in farm management with knowledge on certification standards for fruits and vegetables and modern agriculture techniques.
  • Experience of working for USAID or other donor-funded livelihoods or economic growth projects is preferred.
  • Computer literacy skills required in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications.
  • Fluency in English, Urdu, and Pushto required.
  • Flexibility, creativity, and the ability to maintain a rapid and demanding pace of work.

Job Description:

The USAID Firms Project is providing in-kind support in the form of potato bags for damage-free transportation of potatoes to processors, on-farm tools and equipment, pre- and post-harvest potatoes farmer trainings, design and printing of promotional and instructional materials, and technical assistance support through the USAID Firms Project staff with the view to increase production and reduce wastage. The USAID Firms Project intends to work with private sector companies to expand/replicate the model in Swat and elsewhere in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) by bringing more area under potato cultivation and increasing the economic value of the potato sector. The production target for chip stock potatoes is expected to increase from 129 metric tons to 600 metric tons by 2012. 

The objective of the proposed consultancy is to review the existing post-harvest training material prepared by the consultant for the 2011 season and prepare updated training material. The Consultant will also use this material to conduct training of trainers (ToT) and also conduct training sessions working with the Value Chain Development (VCD) Specialist (Swat) and VCD Associates. As a part of this consultancy, the Consultant will also organize and conduct an exposure visit for potato cluster leaders to Batakundi cluster in Kaghan. 

The Consultant shall use his/her education, experience, knowledge, and additional understanding gained from meetings with USAID Firms Project counterparts to accomplish the following:

  1. Review and suggest improvements to existing curriculum/materials on harvest and post-harvest potato trainings for potato farmers, which has been developed by the USAID Firms Project, in consultation with the VCD and M&E Teams.
  2. Revise training materials and presentations accordingly.
  3. Develop a training agenda for the ToT.
  4. Assist in developing a questionnaire on pre- and post-assessment of potato pre- and post-harvest trainings including knowledge and skills of trainees before and after the training.
  5. To provide overall guidance and mentoring support to USAID Firms Project staff who will provide follow-up technical assistance support to the potato growers at the farm level.
  6. To conduct field visits to potato farms and provide guidance to USAID Firms Project staff and beneficiaries in adopting best cultural practices for harvesting and post-harvesting including sorting and packaging activities as per international guidelines and standards.
  7. To organize and accompany USAID Firms Project field staff and cluster leaders on exposure visits to other farm and market locations across Pakistan.
  8. To train USAID Firms Project staff in research design techniques on topics like the potato sowing period, weather conditions, quality of seeds required, etc. The topics for research study to be identified in consultation with the sector specialist in horticulture.


  1. Training materials and presentations for harvest and post-harvest of Potato Lady Rosetta in Upper Swat.
  2. Training agenda.
  3. Review questionnaire on pre- and post-assessment of potato harvest and post-harvest trainings including questions which will determine the knowledge and skills of trainees before and after the training, developed in consultation with the USAID Firms Project M&E Team.
  4. Delivery of training of trainers (ToT) for harvest and post-harvest trainings.
  5. Delivery of training of farmers for harvest and post-harvest trainings.
  6. Written ToT report.
  7. Field trip reports.
  8. Content for display boards to be erected at the cluster level pictorially outlining the key learning points of the trainings.
  9. Identification of possible exposure trip locations.
  10. Organizing at least one exposure trip with support from the USAID Firms Project Swat staff.
  11. Written exposure visit report.
  12. Final report summarizing all activities and findings under this SOW.