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2. Objectives of Training:

2.1 Purpose:

World Vision Pakistan needs the services of 02 master trainers (female) /consultants who will train women at community level for three months for contributing towards the achievement of Output 1.2.7:  Enterprise specific trainings and provision of startup funds to Entrepreneurs per type of identified enterprises (including video technology, field visits, provision of inputs) to women entrepreneurs in WSDC. 

2.2 Objectives:

  • To build capacities of the targeted group in embroidery (Quilting)  for establishing and competing in the existing marketing competitors/enterprises
  • To enhance skills of potential entrepreneurs in production, operation, management and marketing of shadow work enterprise

3. Location of conducting Training

The training will be conducted in three targeted villages.

4. Methodology

This training is interactive and trainer will directly educate trainees on different techniques of Quilting:  World vision will provide all prerequisite material and trainers will ensure to capacitate trainees until they get complete understanding of quilting  embroidery, its production and marketing within given time frame.

Duration of training: The consultants are expected to achieve the following within the stipulated period of three months, excluded Sunday Holiday.

6. Deliverables and responsibilities of Consultant

Conduct of training in designing, methods and tools in accordance with current practices and standards. The training session will run for 5 hours daily. The training sessions will be conducted by the master trainers in Hindko or Urdu (local language) for the understanding and convenience of participants. It is expected that the trainer encourage female entrepreneurs to actively participate and are able to learn the skills through a positive learning environment. Whenever possible, the trainer will address the needs of the group participants, particularly in terms of session schedule and methods. Together with WV Pakistan project staff, the trainer will finalize the training schedule that will ensure effective learning takes place.  Trainer will be responsible to keep daily attendance record.


  • Prior submission of work plan, training methodology and tools in accordance with current practices and standards to be used in tailoring training taking into consideration the information given by WV Pakistan.
  • Submission of training contents and weekly break up of training modules
  • Detail and type of products to be prepare during training i.e. Bags, Mobile cover, Pouch bed sheets and other products as assigned by EDC and team leader.
  • Trainer will train women entrepreneurs in half period and after that production will be started according to the given schedule.
  • Consider any feedback from WVP and make changes to the training methodology as appropriate and agreed upon by both parties.
  • To capacitate quilting embroidery group about complete stages (initial learning of quilting stitches and designing of products
  • Exposure visits of entrepreneurs with successful ventures and linkages building
  • To capacitate quilting work groups with different color combination and designs.
  • The training sessions will be conducted primarily in Urdu language. Other languages (Hindko) as and when required may also be considered for the better understanding of trainees.
  • Liaise with the WV Pakistan focal person to identify any problems or issues that may be arising and to provide updates on the progress.
  • If required by WVP (due to weather constraints, security problems or other scheduling conflicts) the training days may be shifted to another available date within the consultancy period (including weekends).
  • The consultant will agree to be available on any day during the agreement period and will not agree to any other consultancy work offered by any other organizations.
  • Boarding, lodging and transport of the consultant will be the sole responsibility of the consultant.
  • The consultant will not share and disseminate the information with other organization and/or for any purpose in any form without the consent of the WV Pakistan.
  • The consultant will submit training report in English/ Urdu language along with annexure(s), if any, after 15 days. The training report must be on the prescribed LEAP format. The training report will be reviewed by WV Pakistan and may send back to consultant for further review and flourishing by the consultant in light of observations and comments from the WV Pakistan. Finalize report and hand over all related documents to WVP within the specified date agreed-upon. Submit soft copies of all raw data on CD.

The LEAP format:

  1. I.  Table of Contents


  1. III.   Glossary

1.   Executive Summary

2.   Introduction/Background

3.   Methodology

4.   Findings

5.   Lessons learned

6.   Recommendations

7.   Conclusion



7. Deliverables and responsibilities of WV Pakistan

WV Pakistan is responsible to provide the following components for the successful implementation and completion of training in targeted villages:

  • WV Pakistan will arrange required reasonable location/space during course of training.
  • Provide necessary materials and tools for training.
  • Ensure appropriate number of trainee’s presence in training.
  • WVP will provide separate contract to each master trainer and will pay accordingly 
  • Work out a plan of monitoring of training activities.
  • Provide a contact person to address any concerns or difficulties the trainers may encounter and to oversee the entire training process.
  • Provide any financial agreements that are stated in this ToRs.
  • The project staff will collect progress reports on regular basis from trainers.

8. Other requirements and considerations:

The consultant will receive the payment after the incorporation of comments/ inputs of WVP staff in report on monthly basis.


9 Timeframe

The contract duration will commence from 10 July 2012 and terminate on 15th August, 2012 with the completion of all the agreed upon deliverables. All final reports and documentation are to be submitted to World Vision Pakistan (WVP) upon termination of the contract period.

10. Logistics

Arrangements for mobility of consultant would be the sole responsibility at his/her own expense and will not claim for any financial provision for it from WV Pakistan.

11. Payment

12 Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • At least 2 year experience of conducting training on tailoring.
  • Excellent communication, report-writing. Knowledge of local languages (Urdu and Hindko) would be an added value.
  • Willingness and physical fitness to work in mountainous environment.
  • Sensitive to local culture and gender practices in the areas.