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Objective of this Consultancy: The objective of this consultancy is to review the current regulatory framework governing SMEDA as the main facilitating body for promotion of SME sector and development/ review of the SME Bill which will support implementation of an updated SME Development Policy under the guidance of an Advisory Committee.


Specific Tasks:

  • Developing/ reviewing the SME Bill (as part of SME Policy 2007) to facilitate the SME sector and support implementation of updated SME Development Policy.


  • Perform analysis and review of legal instruments governing SMEDA as an institution (SMEDA Ordinance 2002) and update as necessary to improve its functions and effectiveness vis-à-vis promotion and facilitation of SME sector by creating a conducive and facilitating environment as well as providing and facilitating service delivery to SMEs.


  • Suggest a framework which, in addition to addressing other issues related to SMEs, provides for identification of fiscal, registration, labour and inspection laws that may be simplified for Small and/or Medium Enterprises.


  • Identify and detail deficiencies and distortions, if any, in the current SME policies, laws, and regulations in enabling the fair, efficient, and growth-oriented functioning of SME sector, and estimate economic impact of such deficiencies/distortions


  • Review and update regulatory framework in accordance with support for implementation of the SME Development Policy (which is also being reviewed by FIRMS Project).


  • Identify constraints in the institutional set-up required to implement regulatory/ policy framework governing the SME sector


  • Design an advocacy strategy for concerned ministry of Industries to enable acceptance amongst stakeholders of the reformed regulatory framework and policy both within and outside the Government


  • Identify Project’s  actions that will implement the advocacy strategy required in f. above


Qualifications of the Consultant(s)

Consultant should have an advanced degree in law (i.e. at least a Masters) and 10-15 years relevant experience in most of the areas mentioned above: Constitutional framework of Pakistan including separation of Federal and Provincial powers; SMEDA ordinance and other laws affecting the SME sector at Federal and Provincial level;  Legislative drafting of international best practices;  Legislative drafting of  federal legislation in Pakistan; legal aspects of institutional governance and civil and criminal remedies.