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Working together with Integrated Program Managers and Area Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for developing and implementing advocacy program/activities to help achieve the aim of World Vision Pakistan’s overall national strategy and Advocacy Program objectives. The position also aimed to initiate and lead WVP advocacy pillar at district, provincial and national level and mainstreamed advocacy into WVP relief and development works.

• Establish a national advocacy strategy; continue contributing to the strategy, advising of any changes/amendments needed in order to fully strengthen the on-going initiative in line with national program strategy.
• Coordinate with various WV departments nationally; maintain information exchange to identify advocacy issues in line with advocacy strategy.
• Actively engage with coalitions, Govt. and other stakeholders, Represent World Vision and push the agenda forward.
• Actively engage in Public Policy advocacy in line with WV-Pakistan’s commitment to the process and ensure that the protocol is adhered to and that the process is facilitated in a way whereby the rights of the vulnerable are not violated.
• Actively contribute to decision-making process within WV-P by way of exchanging information, collecting data and info from other stakeholders and ensuring that all appropriate channels of communications are feeding into the process.
• Conduct in depth assessments on the Advocacy Issues in WV Pakistan’s areas of impact, including small studies clarifying specifically relevant
• Analyze the advocacy issues identified in line with the government policies.
• Compile and present discussion papers about Advocacy issues to the NO management
• Work closely with communications department to facilitate Media Relation and media engagement Plans
• Conceptualize and Design Advocacy Proposals in line with the advocacy priorities set in strategy in collaboration with PDQ
• Operationalize and implement the advocacy Programs.
• Capacity Building of staff in advocacy and new techniques/approaches to be adopted for effective and informed advocacy practices.
• Ensure that recruitment of Advocacy staff following HR recruitment policies and guidelines.
• Ensure development of performance agreements and periodic evaluation of staff to maintain quality human resources.

Minimum education requirements; 

• University/Master degree in law, social sciences, history with relevant experiences,

Knowledge and Experience 

• Requires  knowledge of: - 
Human Rights, relevant chapters of International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law, the Convention of the Rights of the Child - The instruments of law that apply in the particular environment of the program - The relevant positions of the UN, ICRC and major NGOs on protection of civilians in armed conflict, in particular to IDPs, women, children. - The codes of conduct , the Humanitarian Charter, The Sphere Project
• At least five years field experience in the NGOs or similar organisations. 
• Project management experience (including staffing and financial management) preferred.
• Experience in project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting writing.
• Strong organizational skills and ability to work under pressure. 
• Demonstrated capacity to function well in a team and contribute effectively to team efforts. 

Skills and competencies.

• Requires strong skills of communication, negotiation, mediation and coordination, both verbal and written.
• Requires demonstrated well-developed knowledge and sensitivity of cross-cultural communication and dynamics.
• Self-motivated, committed person will be preferred.
• Demonstrated leadership ability.
• Must be fluent in English and have strong written and oral communication skills.  Knowledge of a local language would be highly regarded.
• Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity.
• Requires emotional maturity and ability to adjust to harsh living conditions.    
• Ability to identify advocacy opportunities
• Interest in human rights issues and social change