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a. Prepare budgets of JPC 1 and its other components in the light of JPE and PCOM guidelines and monitoring its subsequent revisions as per expenditures patterns and available funds. b. Prepare quarterly financial as well as expenditure reports and its submission to UNDP for quarterly advance request and its follow up as per requirement of PCOM. c. Maintain proper financial and administrative record of files and other project expendable and non expendable inventories/ledger. d. Processing recruitment and extension cases of project staff and its timely approval from the concerned authorities. e. Initiating and processing project procurement and maintaining its complete record for UNDP review and also for audit purposes. f. Preparing budget of other components of the JPE keeping in view the available funding and other requirements and its subsequent revisions. g. Providing inputs to other JPE components, managing its payments, procurement matters and advising on any other issues related to financial as well as administrative management. h. Providing inputs for financial capacity assessment of partners of GRIP/PIC programme’s, managing its disbursements and monitoring their financials and progress made in the light of agreed work plans/approved budgets. i. Overseeing project budgets and maintains financial disbursements and monitoring systems for monthly submissions to UNDP. j. Assist in the preparation of monitoring and progress controls set in place by UNDP as per the PCOM. k. Arrange meetings, internal and external, and perform liaison duties with other units; l. Handle all financial matters of the workshops, meetings and seminars organized under the project. m. Prepare and maintain ledger for monitoring financial commitments, monthly financial statements and non expenditure property ledger. n. Processing of financial claims and facilitate approval through ensuring appropriate documentation and record keeping in line with UNDP’s rules. o. Act as focal person for programme’s audit for the UNDP and GoP and facilitate auditors during annual/quarterly project audit. p. Keep track of all advances released for local expenditure and complete necessary documentation for settlement of such advances. q. Responsible for the Project Record Management, Supervise the work of support staff; and manage vehicle, sign the vehicle log book on daily basis. r. Perform any other duties as required.

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 Bachelor Bachelors Degree (2-3 Years) Bachelor degree in Finance, Master degree in Finance is preferable.

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