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Applicants with 6+ years will be placed in senior engineering positions.

Applicants with 3+ years but less than 6 years experience will be placed in mid level engineering positions.


A technical position(s) involving design, and development of various intellectual properties developed for ASIC environment

1. Bachelor or Masters Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering.

With strong background in Computer Architecture and Digital Design techniques.

2. Be able to implement solutions efficiently and verify them.

3. Experience with Synthesis tools, and timing closure.

4. Strong programming skills in Verilog, C and Assembly.

5. Experience of working on various bus interfaces like USB, PCI, processor interfaces, Audio/Video

Codecs, Error correction (Reed Solomon, BCH), FLASH interfaces.

6. Hardware debugging skills.

7. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in English.