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Major Activities:

1. Identify priorities for disaster preparedness, mitigation, and disaster risk reduction in livelihood sector through assessments of prevailing/ frequent disaster risks, vulnerabilities and capacities.
2. Assist WVP in developing disaster preparedness capacity building programmes for community in livelihood sector.
3. Conduct in-depth analysis of the risks, vulnerabilities and capacities in project areas and in high risk communities and develop adequate capacity building programs to address those vulnerabilities in livelihood sector.
4. Be responsible for the development of training modules for disaster preparedness including the design and preparation of training materials.
5. Manage training needs assessment for staff members involved in Early Recover Response in livelihood sector.
6. Organize training events for community based organizations at village level in better protection of livelihood assets and reduce risks.
7. Visit communities to provide support and training in their emergency preparedness planning.
8. Manage the dissemination of “best practices” in the field of disaster preparedness and risk reduction in livelihood sector through visits to organizations, private study and attending training courses.
9. Network with other training professionals and keep up to date with training materials, publications and courses and with changes and developments in training practices.

Knowledge and Skills:

10. Masters/Bachelor/Diploma in DVM in or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
11. 5-7 years relief or development field experience in the developing world
12. Significant proven experience in Agri-Training provision
13. Ability to arrange and conduct trainings
14. Ability of working in mixed gender/ethnic environment
15. 4-5 experience in the training with community