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Fresh Graduates, MS & Phd students

You learned the best in your academic career, and showed it practically it in your class projects, assignment and final year thesis or project. You are ready to start your professional career with a challenging role that impact the lives of millions through innovative technology.

We offer careers for fresh hires. You are not just working with us in the first year,  but learning a lot, going through a well designed training program, and learn new stuff in terms of tools, technologies, professionalism, communication skills and solving complex problems.

Fresh careers are available in following functions


Human Resources

·                   Improve the way to hire and retain quality talent.

·                   Research, design and improve programs to improve organizational efficiency and compare it with developed worlds.


·                   Have completed the BS, Masters or MS. Students, currently enrolled in Phd programs can also apply. And we will tailor made our program to support your Phd work along with employment.

·                   The candidates will go through test and interview procedures for selection.