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Background: The position is for an international development project working to deliver social infrastructure across Pakistan.

Location: Muzaffargarh

Reporting and Supervision: The QA Engineer reports to QA/QC Manager.

 Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Follow the QA SOP and submitting deliverables as per QA SOP
  • Documenting lesson learned and sharing with QA Manager for his review

Quality Assurance Visit Report:

  • Creating detailed, comprehensive and well-structured QA field visit reports for review and distribution to Chief Engineer/QAM/QAE. The optimum number of visits may include eight.
  • Prepares a summary of key issues along with proposed rectification measures on weekly basis and submits to Chief Engineer/ QAM /QAE
  • Prepares Weekly Inspection Plans, Weekly Activity Report as per SOP and submits to Chief Engineer/QAE/QAM for final approval


  • Update and maintain Quality Assurance log (to be updated on weekly basis) and sharing with all concerned stakeholder. This may include but not limited to the following:
  1. QA Inspection log
  2. MIS Inspection Log
  3. Documentation Check List log
  4. Master summary sheet

Data arching on shared drive:

  • Archiving all the data, project documentation, Project Photographs, reports, BOQ, invoices, logs or any other data on the project shared drive. The optimum frequency period is on weekly basis.
  • Conducts shared drive audits as per the instructions of Chief Engineer/QAM/QAE


  • Conducting real time QA-MIS inspections during field visit, providing observation and comments. 
  • Providing effective feedback on MIS inspections conducted by field team for improvement.


  • Review, documenting and reporting any issues during field visits which may include deviation from plans/drawings, specification, invoices and any other areas for improvement.
  • Conducting market survey and collecting updated rates for BOQ items for rate analysis.
  • Liaison with QAE/QAM/CE for making field visits plans and coordination.
  • Highlighting and reporting any deficiency in project documentation (On site, off site or on MIS) for third party audits and suggesting corrective and preventive measures.
  • Monitoring and reporting quality at all stages of construction. Identify deficiencies and proposing remedial measure to comply with quality standards.
  • Indicating improvement in making the quality system and processes more effective and productive.
  • Making involvement and providing input during pre-final and final inspection visit of the project.
  • Providing guidance to district team to produce the right work and conducting Quality Assurance Tool boxes to promote the culture of quality and positive feedback.
  • Developing agenda of QA meeting, preparing minutes of meeting, QA presentations, QA Training in coordination with QAE/QAM/CE.
  • Highlighting any special issues/risks which needs attention or early resolution.
  • Any other assigned tasks by Chief Engineer or Quality Assurance Engineer, this may include verification of invoices, preparing plans, reviewing documentations, preparing Rehab or new construction BOQ etc.

Minimum Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Min. 2 years, including 6 months training by QA Manager
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in case no training included
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Muzaffargarh locals are encouraged to apply

Note: This Position is base on rolling basis and may be filled before date, The contract duration is 02 months.