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Purpose of the Position

Main purpose of this position is to expand and maintain the target audience of the organization while safeguarding and promoting the organizational image. To contribute/ support in expanding the outreach of organization's programs through using various strategies, functions and tools of marketing. To contribute to achieve the set targets and objectives through marketing and branding of organization's Skills Development Program in targeted areas. Incumbent will promote the vocational & professional training programs among potential youth, public & private organizations. The incumbent will assist program team to create and implement marketing strategies, both online as well as offline. Reaching out to the desired target audience through social media, print media, TV, local FM channels.

He/she will work under the close supervision of line manager to efficiently undertake assigned tasks.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop & implement the social media marketing campaigns for skills development program and related professional development trainings.
  • Coordinating & communicating with other development & social networks, key decision makers & stakeholders for attracting new projects.
  • Design, develop & execute marketing plan to promote the approved training programs, outcomes of projects/ programs and prepare budgets to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Suggest out of the box ideas for marketing campaigns.
  • Assemble insights and data from marketing campaigns.
  • Carry out research and analyze market trends and competition with competitors.
  • Assist in maintaining customer relationship management systems (CRM) and databases of organization.
  • Assist in preparing advertisements, branding, packaging and marketing of products.
  • Assist in dissemination of marketing materials.
  • Assist in organizing and marketing events.

General Responsibilities

  • Maintain constructive, purposeful, trust based and sincere relations with all colleagues working above or under whether directly or indirectly associated.
  • Continuously upgrade own knowledge, skills, attitude and application to become more valuable member of the organization.
  • Update management and other concerned with any development, internal or external, which can be of help to improve quality, provide better services and effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Participate in all team meetings, committees, fora, projects and assignments as required and expected.
  • Continuously think for betterment of organization, its progress and its ability to fulfil its mission.
  • Maintain highest standards of honesty and integrity in all disciplines.


  • MS or Bachelors’ degree in Marketing or related discipline.
  • Basic knowledge of Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Excellent knowledge about Content Management Systems
  • Good understanding of different marketing techniques (e.g. Point-of-Purchase Marketing, Internet Marketing, Paid Media Advertising, etc.).
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of MS Office Tools.
  • Excellent researching abilities.
  • A creative individual.