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Purpose of the position

The incumbent will be responsible to help in maximizing the outreach of organization's development programme. He/she will assist the team lead in conceptualizing and implementing the organization’s internal and external communications. The incumbent is expected to create original written and visual content for a wide groups of audiences (internal/external), and publishing platforms (news releases, Internet/ Intranet, video, social media, digital signage, email, presentations, reports, etc.), along with assisting in audio-visual equipment/ systems installation, operation and troubleshooting.

Key Responsibilities

  • With the advice of line manager, design strategic communication plan that will help further enhance the visibility of organization’s work.
  • Develop and implement audience-centric marketing and communication campaigns and strategies and monitor their success on both digital and traditional mediums.
  • Work in close coordination with program/ project teams to keep track of the on-going work and identify potential campaigning opportunities.
  • Develop and edit marketing and communications materials, including website content, press releases, blogs, articles, copies for social media and content for other communications products.
  • Develop and disseminate case studies, success stories, brochures, documentaries etc. about various programs and sharing it widely with beneficiaries, donors, global offices, media and other relevant fora as per requirement.
  • Manage and promote content on social and digital media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other mediums.
  • Collect and maintain digital media archives including photos and videos.
  • Direct and work with in-house and external graphic designers, photographers, and other media-production personnel integral to the completion of marketing and communications campaigns.
  • Identify and collaborate with social media influencers, activists, bloggers, and Vloggers for effective campaign roll-out.
  • Work with line manager to conceptualize and implement communications strategies, run social media campaigns and update website.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

General Responsibilities

  • Maintain constructive, purposeful, trust based and sincere relations with all colleagues working above or under whether directly or indirectly associated.
  • Continuously upgrade own knowledge, skills, attitude and application to become more valuable member of the organization.
  • Update management and other concerned with any development, internal or external, which can be of help to improve quality, provide better services and effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Participate in all team meetings, committees, fora, projects and assignments as required and expected.
  • Continuously think for betterment of organization, its progress and its ability to fulfil its mission.
  • Maintain highest standards of honesty and integrity in all disciplines.


  • The Candidate must have an MS or Bachelors degree in Mass Communication or other relevant discipline.
  • Must possess exceptional writing skills and be able to compose engaging and accurate content.
  • Good communication skills, who works well independently and with a team.
  • Understanding of communications, public relations and best practices of marketing.
  • Ability to think strategically and identify ways to improve communication skills.