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Scope of Work Summary:

The USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) requires the services of a qualified Environmentalist in preparation of environmental compliance documentation in accordance with the USAID requirements and applicable Pakistani environmental laws and regulations. The assignment is up to 20 days consultancy assignment spanned over 09 months.

1.     Position Title& Department:

Environmental Compliance Consultant (STTA) 

2.     General Summary:

USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) is a five-year project that is supporting Pakistan in small and medium enterprise (SME) led economic growth that will help create jobs, foster entrepreneurship, and contribute to an increased GDP. As a part of the United States Government’s long-term commitment to helping Pakistanis secure a more prosperous future by increasing household incomes and employment, nurturing competitive small and medium enterprises, expanding trade and investment and creating more rewarding business opportunities, SMEA is working towards improving the enabling environment for private sector-led growth. 

SMEA aims to improve the financial and operational performance of SMEs in Pakistan in the information communications technology (ICT), Light Engineering, Hospitality, Textile (minus spinning), Agribusiness and processing (Off-Farm), Logistics sectors and Women- led Enterprises. These SMEs will receive customized assistance to help them qualify for loans, streamline their production and management process, obtain certifications, and connect with lucrative domestic and export markets. The project has three main components i.e. Business Enabling Environment (BEE), Competitiveness Enhancement (CE) and Challenge Fund (CF).

The BEE component identifies opportunities for policy changes needed for a conducive environment for SMEs across Pakistan. Engaging with the private sector to articulate and advocate for their policy needs, the project work with the Government of Pakistan at both the federal and provincial levels to ease out key policy and regulatory hurdles that hamper SME growth and new investments. SMEA has launched its reforms package in some key areas of economic growth. These policy, regulatory and institutional reforms are particularly SME focused with an aim to contribute to their economic well-being.

The CE component focus on increasing competitiveness of SME enterprises in targeted sectors by facilitating the SMEs through induction of business development services to improve their competitiveness at national and international level. The CE fund act as a facilitator to create and support a functional bridge between SMEs, and business development service providers (BDSPs). To this end project provides financial assistance to acquire BD services from registered BDSPs to address the productivity and competitiveness issues/constraints impeding the business growth and profitability of SMEs.

SMEA’s Challenge Fund (CF) has a portfolio of grants that supports innovators who are trying to solve challenges and scale solutions. These challenges are identified by the project, specific to SMEA’s target sectors (ICT & Hospitality). The CF also provides grants to existing SMEs to resolve issues that are hampering their growth.  As part of CF program, SMEA seeks the assistance of a short-term Environmental specialist to assist with the preparation of environmental clearance documentation for the grant activities

In accordance with the USAID SMEA contract with USAID the project is required to ensure that project is complaint with the USAID environmental compliance procedures and regulation. To this end project seeks the services of a qualified environmentalist to spearhead its environmental compliance work

3.     Objective of the Consultancy:

The objective of this consultancy is to ensure USAID SMEA’s compliance with USAID’s environmental compliance regulation: Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 216 as well as applicable rules and regulation of the national and provincial level environmental protection agencies of Pakistan

4.     Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

As directed by the Challenge Fund Lead or his designee, the Environmental Compliance Consultant will be responsible to ensure that all project activities meet the USAID environmental regulation and standards, the initial environmental examination (IEE) recommendations, pesticide evaluation report & safer use action plan (PERSUAP), and Pakistani environmental laws and regulations. The consultant will follow USAID guidelines on environmental compliance. He/she will work with the USAID SMEA business enabling environment (BEE) competitive enhancement (CE), challenge fund (CF) and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) teams to complete all required environmental screening for each planned project activity

5.     Specific Tasks of the Consultant:

Specific responsibilities of this position include: 

      I.         Review relevant document to familiarize with the project activities.

     II.         Based on the review of relevant document, and USAID environmental compliance regulation identify the interventions that require preparation of environmental documentation form (EDF).

   III.         Prepare EDF for identified project intervention on the prescribed template

   IV.         While preparing EDF review each activity, perform screening of results, applicability of PERUSP, and recommended appropriate determinations.

    V.         Submit completed EDF for USAID SMEA’s review and onward submission to the USAID.

   VI.         Prepare Environmental Mitigation Management Plans (EMMP) on prescribed template for all interventions based on the environmental determination recommended in the EDF.

 VII.         Conducted field visits, as and when required, to carryout environmental assessments of proposed beneficiary sites and collect information for the preparation of EDF, EMMP, and environmental review reports (ERR) on prescribed template.

  1. Review and update project IEE to USAID’s satisfaction.

   IX.         Provide training to the SMEA staff, partner and beneficiaries in environmental compliance and procedures, as and when required.

    X.         Respond to any request for information (RFI) and/or queries from the USAID, SMEA management, partner and beneficiaries regarding any aspect of the environmental compliance work.

   XI.         Perform other environmental compliance related tasks, if required. 

6.     Job Qualifications:

  • Master level degree of higher academic qualification in the field of environment protection.
  • Excellent command over USAID Environmental Compliance Procedures, ADS 204, 22CFR216, PERSUAP
  • Expert in developing environmental compliance documentation, such as EDF, ERR, EMMP, IEE and EMR, both for USAID and the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA)
  • At least five years of experience working in the environmental review and compliance field.
  • The ability to establish and retain effective working relationships with other staff members and to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Strong attention to detail, work prioritization, and organizational skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills in both English and Urdu.
  • USAID experience is highly desirable

7.     Duty Station:

The position will be based in Islamabad, with travel to other regions of Pakistan, as required. This is a part time work and consultant is expected to perform most of the work remotely. 

8.     Workspace and Use of Personal Laptop and Software(s):

The consultant is expected to largely work remotely using their personal laptop installed with relevant and licensed software required to deliver the final output. The USAID SMEA Project will not be held liable for any costs in case of damage, loss, repair and/or maintenance of the equipment. 

9.     Reporting:

Ultimate authority for all project personnel and all aspects of project activities rests with the Chief of Party or his designee. For all routine responsibilities and technical duties, the consultant shall directly report to, and be supervised by the Challenge Fund Lead, or his designee. 

10.  Duration of the Assignment:

The work is expected to commence on/around Dec 2020 and completed by Aug 2021 hereto for a total of 20 level of effort (LOE) day, including travel days. 

11.  Deliverables:

The following are the key deliverables of the assignment. The USAID SMEA will assign tasks, deadline and appropriate LOE days based on its requirement. All deliverable musty be produced in English language on prescribed templates.



Activity / Deliverable

LOE Required


Review of background and other relevant material



Preparation of up to 24 EDFs, ERR, and if required the corresponding EMMPs.

15 days (including travel)


Review of EMR, and site visit report (SVR), if required.

1 day


Review of Project IEE

1 day


Training/Orientating of staff, partner, sub-contractor and beneficiaries on environmental compliance work

2 days



20 LOE Days