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Purpose: To do trainings of rural artisans.

 Time period: Assignment has to be completed by 10th November, 2020.

 This assignment is for social enterprise working with women artisans in rural Sindh. Artisans are trained in embroidery skills. Consultant is required to do refresher trainings of 300 artisans and fulfill assignment details as follows.

 Trainings will be done at two levels, 

  • Train group of 250 artisans in total. Artisans are organized in the form of groups. Each group has 15 – 18 artisans. Artisan’s embroidery skills are good. Training is needed to further improve their embroidery skills with special emphasis on quality assurance and timeliness to deliver order.
  • Train group of another 50 artisans to improve their applique skill of doing embroidery.

 Each training will be of 3 – 4 days having half days session with one group.

 Technical coaching and mentoring support has to be provided for 6 weeks after training. 

 Responsibility of Social Enterprise, 

  • To organize artisans in groups and take care of logistical support. 

Required Experience:

  • Must have experience of working on crafts and using it in a way which can meet urban market requirements.
  • Must have experience of working as a trainer who has trained artisans.
  • Good know how of trends of urban market.

 Applicants are required to share outline of session plan and methodology of trainings, coaching and mentoring support.