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Purpose:To develop promotional material, training kits and range of Products using crafts.

 Time period: Assignment has to be completed by 10th November, 2020 and for training kits timeline is of 10 days from day of signing of contract.

 This assignment is for social enterprise working with women artisans in rural Sindh. Artisans are trained in embroidery skills. Consultant and vendor is required to engage artisans and fulfill assignment details as follows. 

  • Produce range of products (atleast 100) using crafts made by artisans. Final products has to be in finished form and good quality. This task involves design and color scheming of embroidery as well as product and its finishing. Preferably, product has to be of ‘Home” range but other innovative ideas are also encouraged. Product range is aimed to be sold in urban market through e-commerce. 
  •  Design and develop Electronic catalogues of new range of products 
  • Professional Photography of new product range for uploading on website , Facebook and Instagram 
  • Design and Development of E-Posters and GIFs of new and existing product range for social media and E-commerce 
  • Design E-pamphlets for fundraising and sale for Festive Appeals 
  • Design and produce 500 promotional note books with social enterprise process details, case studies and photographs. Cover of note books has to be made from artisan’s embroidered fabric. 
  • Refresher trainings are arranged for artisans. Kits for 300 artisans to be made on which they can practice and enhance their skill. Kits should include traced fabric, threads and detail of product for which fabric is given for embroidery.  

Responsibility of Social Enterprise, 

  • Social enterprise will be responsible to pay stipend to artisans for above mentioned range.
  • Provide content for developing visibility material
  • Provide input and feedback on catalogue content and design
  • Courier to and from Sindh

 Required Experience:

  • Must have experience of working on crafts and using it in a way which can meet urban market requirements.
  • Must have a team on board to finish products.
  • Good know how of trends of urban market.