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Research & Development Forum for Safe Motherhood (Pvt.) Ltd. is an Islamabad based organization working for promoting and protecting the health rights of mothers, newborn and children.

The organization requires the services of an Event Management Company for holding of an event in Karachi on October 20th and 21st, 2020.

This event will be attended by around 100 participants including Family Planning (FP) and Public Health experts from across Pakistan from both the government and non-government sectors. It will primarily seek to inform decision makers about the benefits of women engagement in policy, programming and funding decisions, and the ways and means through which this participation can be ensured, especially within the Family Planning (FP) context.

Scope of Work

Forum desires the following key deliverables to be managed by a qualified and well-reputed Event Management Company.

1.      Event Layout and Planning

a)      Develop and plan the 2-day event and its sequencing based on the provided agenda.

b)      Arrange and install SMD screens for presentations and display of live activities.

c)      Arrange live coverage and media coverage of the event on both days.

d)      Arrange online participation for those interested, through Zoom or similar platforms.

e)      Plan, develop and arrange giveaways for participants and speakers, and prepare complete bags/packages for ready sharing with participants/speakers.

f)       Handle all designing and printing related requirements for the event.

g)      Oversee décor of the venue in line with the spirit of the event.

2.      Hall Management

a)      Manage entire venue, ranging from registration to hall seating, decoration, lighting, music, sound, multimedia, digital connectivity, layout, guests’ seating and management, stage management, VIP protocol, and any other related task.

3.      Designing and Printing

a)      Backdrop

b)      Standees

c)      Banner

d)      Media Wall/Booth

e)      Podium Skin

f)       Agenda

g)      Invitation Cards

h)      Organizer Cards

i)       Panelists Cards

j)       Giveaways for participants & speakers (e.g. Calendar, Mugs, Bags, Metal Pens, USB , Key Chain, Wallet, Card Holder, Shields/Plaques, etc. with logos).

All of the above are to be provided to Forum’s team at the venue finalized for the event.

4.      Press Coverage and Media Management

a)      Develop a full-fledged media coverage and dissemination plan.

b)      Ensure maximum media coverage in English and Urdu print and electronic media. outlets and submit a report on the same after the event. The activity must be published/aired on 10 Media Outlets – 5 Newspaper and 5 Channels.

c)      Organize an effective media pull-aside session with the participants.

d)      Design & Setup Media Wall and non-intrusive media raised platform for electronic equipment.

5.      Social Media

a)      Develop and ensure that the event receives significant social media coverage.

b)      Ensure the event is live streamed across social media as instructed.

c)      Create social media posts, contents, and campaign and other stories to be featured online.

d)      Create a social media hashtag for the event, build hype, and monitor the online engagement.

e)      Provide a full report featuring all social media coverage and outreach at the local levels.

6.      Photography and Videography

a)      Ensure photography and videography coverage of the event.

b)      Conduct short interviews with government officials, public health & family planning experts and other dignitaries, against a media wall. The selected company will provide some media personnel to execute these short interviews.


7.      Other Technical Assistance

a)      Plan and execute the event management in coordination with Forum’s team, and in this context nominate a focal person who will interact with the team on a regular basis.

b)      Provide all support to ensure that the event runs smoothly, including arrangement of uninterrupted connectivity, sound and lighting systems.

c)      Plan and execute a one-day full rehearsal of the event prior to the event.

d)      Plan and work with the selected hotel to organize all event layout and design.

e)      Coordinate and laisse with the participants for confirmation of attendance, invitation letters, invitations and follow-ups and registration.

f)       Submit a post-event coverage report.


Required Expertise & Experience

  • Must have prior experience of carrying out similar nature of work for other companies; and
  • Enjoys good reputation in the market as a credible and trustworthy firm.


  • September 25, 2020 to October 31, 2020

Interested companies are requested to provide Technical & Finance Proposals, containing the following:

  • Clear timelines
  • Payment milestones in line with deliverables
  • Portfolio of events
  • Client record
  • Reference list