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TEAL Consultant (Science) TORs

Project Background:

TEAL (Technology Enabled Academic Learning) is a tablet-based, blended learning project being developed for Grade 6 students in DIL schools. TEAL uses tablets to bring videos and assessments directly to students to support the core subjects: Urdu, English, math and science. The approach is integrated with DIL’s curriculum, which supports activity-based learning. All TEAL content is aligned with Pakistan’s national standards for each subject.

Scope of Work:
A science subject consultant is needed for content development in the following areas:

• Video content will include PowerPoint presentations for each topic along with scripting for the narration. Videos are to be roughly 5 minutes in length.
• Lesson plans are to be developed to support the instruction given in the video to provide opportunities for practice and application of the topics.

Selection Criteria - Qualifications & Experience:

• 3 or more years teaching experience at the middle grade level (preferably teaching grades 6 and 7) of science
• Experience planning and delivering inquiry-based science classes, focusing heavily on science process skill development
• Strong command of age/grade appropriate pedagogy as it relates to science subject content
• Experience designing curriculum including developing inquiry-based lesson plans
• Experience writing formative and summative assessments
• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Skype and web-based project management sites
• Strong research skills
• Outstanding writing and editing skills including the ability to convey information in simple English
• Excellent translation skills, translating English content into simple Urdu using English science terminology
• Strong interpersonal skills (written in emails and verbally during Skype conference calls)
• Able to work independently and meet tight deadlines

Key Functions/Expected Outputs:

In this role, consultants will be responsible for one or both of the following:
1. Lesson Planning: Each lesson plan should include content information for the given topic and an engaging activity that requires minimal preparation and is appropriate for an environment with limited resources. The lessons should include clear and simple language for explaining the content and pedagogy catered to teachers with limited language skills and content knowledge. The lessons will need to be scripted to a degree: indicating what information the teacher is to say to the students, what information is to be written on the board, and how students are to be arranged or grouped for activities. Lessons should also include any support diagrams, images or charts to help the teacher better understand the concept and allow her/he to more meaningfully convey the information to the students. Formal and informal assessments should be included. Short Pre and Post tasks will be required for each lesson (4 MCQ questions). Monitoring/evaluation tools may also be needed. A lesson plan template/guidelines will be provided.
2. Video Preparation: Each lesson will require a 3-6 minute instructional video geared toward students. PowerPoint presentations will need to be designed conveying the given topic. Images and/or animations will need to be selected and included that show real world examples that are contextually appropriate for our learners. Corresponding scripts will need to be written using simple language and translated into Urdu.

Key Deliverables:

Consultants will be expected to deliver drafts of lesson plans and/or slides and scripts based on agreed upon schedule. Feedback will be given and consultants are required to deliver finalized lessons.
Duration: 6 month minimum, starting as soon as possible
Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Location: Islamabad-preferred; Remote location possible (consultant must have internet access at home and availability to meet during morning and evening hours)



 DIL Core Values and Commitments; 

  • Transformation: We transform lives and empower communities by pursuing innovative ideas and approaches that improve students' learning outcomes and soft skills
  • Excellence: We are committed to achieving the highest level of impact through excellence in service delivery and educational products
  • Collaboration: We take a democratic and participatory approach in all aspects of our work
  • Equity: We exercise fairness, compassion and respect when dealing with each other and those around us
  • Integrity: We strive to set high moral and ethical standards for ourselves and to gain the trust of others
  • Transparency: We exercise strong internal controls and transparency and are fully accountable to our donors and the people we serve
  • Flexibility: We drive and embrace change and are willing to try out different, pioneering approaches

DIL is committed to ensuring that DIL staff/ Consultants are suitable to work with children and have the knowledge s/he needs to uphold and abide by the DIL’s Child Protection Policy.