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Department: Psychometric Testing & Career Counselling

Job Description

·         Coordinate in Develop, evaluates psychometric tests and testing programs and related products that are closely aligned to the current subject-area standards. 

·         Writes narrative reports of tests, reviews, and evaluations, test assembly, and scoring.

·         Approves items for use on tests, evaluates both content and psychometric properties.

·         Coordinate in Designs and develops new tests and innovative products and services related to personality assessments for career identification and performance evaluations.

·         Coordinate and writes rules for test creation system, assemble pretests, tests and/or Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) pools;

·         Plans and conducts reliability, validity or comparability studies of the tests;

·         Plans, manages and directs test development activities as a focal point.

·         Manages the item evaluation process for the newly inducts or existing tests;

·         Serves as an ASK spokesperson on matters of test development in field of specialty

·         Directs testing projects, delegates work, and monitors progress;

·         Designing and supervising marketing plans

·         Liaising with stakeholders and service providers 



MS/MPhil or BS (Hons) in Psychology with specialization or project on psychometric testing.   


A fresh graduate may apply however, a professional experience in psychometric testing or its related fields would carry an added advantage.  


  • Strong writing skills, and a willingness/adeptness with regards to learning new testing related technology.
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • People friendly, having ability to coordinate with clients 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of fields of specialty in order to develop tests in subject area.
  • SPSS or NVivo, Excel and MSOffice with knowledge of applied statistics.

Position is Islamabad based with travelling to other cities

Please apply online or send your resume at

[email protected]