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About BrightSpyre - We work on solving un-employment problem and connect people with jobs, work & learning opportunities. We’re looking for people who are passionate about solving un-employment problem and enjoy their work along with working on solving this problem.

BrightSpyre Internship and apprenticeship program is designed to offer university students and graduates the opportunity to work on applications that are used by millions of users in a professional environment with high quality software development teams.

The interns have to work full time / part time on projects that are deployed to use by millions of users.

We look for people who have developed problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, and strong work ethics during their studies; and can demonstrate their skills by showing examples of their work done. The best way to demonstrate the skills is to show the examples of work that is already online.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree students, graduates or equivalent practical experience.
  • Competitive experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: PHP, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, or Go.
  • Experience with Data Structures, Algorithms and implementing them in some real world examples.
  • The work you have done must be demonstrable through github repositories, online applications that are running are had been online, algorithm implementations that can be demonstrated, or mobile apps developed that are available on app store or you can run them on your mobile phone.
  • The applicant must have a deep understanding of software development and testing methodologies that you must have learned during your studies or have implemented during your work.
  • Cognitive skills to understand the technical and user problems and write small applications to reduce the underlying ambiguity.
  • Interest and ability to learn in a team environment with a focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Strong communication skills that are demonstrable during work and coordination with teams.


  • Design and develop new software applications or components from scratch or improve existing applications. 
  • Contribute to a wide variety of projects by writing APIs as backend engineer, write new business logic, or implement APIs work on front end applications.
  • Build small applications using large amounts of data that demonstrate the trends and hidden facts in the data sets. 
  • Collaborate on scalability issues involving access to massive amounts of data and information.
  • Work-in and support a productive and innovative team. This includes working with peers, managers, and cross functional teams.
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Exceptional programming skills with the ability to quickly write small applications and then able to scale small tests to large applications.
  • Passionate about making a change in the world using the power of writing excellent code and software components.
  • Ability to take challenges and learn new skills.


Note: Experience means that you have worked during Semester projects, Hobby projects, contributing to open source projects, or work during internship.