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For more than 30 years, Médecins du Monde, a campaigning medical organisation committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations at home and abroad. It has continued to highlight obstacles that exist in accessing health care and has secured sustainable improvements in health-for-all policies.

Those working for this independent organization do not solely dispense care and treatment but condemn violations of human dignity and rights and fight to improve matters for populations living in precarious situations.

MdM currently works in more than 40 countries across all continents where it focuses on five priority areas: emergency and crisis, sexual and reproductive health, harm reduction, migrants and displaced populations (health rights), health and environment.



Scope of the Audit

 Verify all funds have been used in accordance with the established rules and regulations of Donor/MdM and only for the purposes for which the funds were provided.
 Goods, works and services financed have been procured in accordance with the Donor/MdM established rules and procedures.
 Appropriate supporting documents, records and books of accounts relating to all activities have been kept.
 The financial statements have been prepared by MdM management in accordance with applicable accounting standards and give a true and fair view of the financial position of MdM and of its receipts and expenditures for the period ended on that date.
 Comprehensive assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the accounting and overall internal control system to monitor expenditures and other financial transactions.
 Express an opinion as to the reasonableness of the financial statements in all material respects.
 Opinion on compliance with procedures designed to provide reasonable assurance of detecting misstatements due to errors or fraud that are material in the financial statements.
 Conduct entry and exit meeting with the Management of MdM.
 In addition to the audit report, the auditors will prepare a Management Letter on the following:
  Comments and observations on the accounting records, procedures, systems and controls that were examined during the course of the audit.
  Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls and make recommendations for improvement.
  Communicate matters that have come to their attention during the audit which might have a significant impact on the sustainability of the organization.
  Bring to the Management’s attention any other matters that the auditors consider pertinent.
Selection Criteria

A Chartered Accountancy firm sufficiently fulfilling the category “A” and “B” criteria of State Bank of Pakistan shall be selected based on technical and financial proposals as mentioned below;

Technical Proposal
The technical proposal should provide the following as a minimum:
I. Firm’s registration and general profile (size & structure)
II. Partner’s profile/CVs
III. Prior audit experience
IV. Staff qualifications (including audit team makeup)
V. Copy of NTN/STRN etc
VI. Audit methodology and team composition

Financial Proposal
The financial proposal should specify the costs for the required service of a financial audit. The cost of the proposed audit should include all anticipated expenses, including but not limited to travel/meals and office support expenses.
Duration of audit work,The audit work shall be completed within two weeks of its commencement.
 Auditor will submit four (4) original copies of audit report annexed with financial statements.
 Management Letter as described above.

Time Span for the submission of proposals;

Interested firms may ask queries as well as send their technical and financial proposal not later than 15 February 2020 to [email protected]