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Key Responsibilities:

 Curative Care:

  • Responsible to implement therapeutic care as per standardized therapeutic guidelines.
  • Responsible to provide curative care for children, women and men on the recommended work schedule.
  • Identifies high-risk cases and diseases not curable at Taulka Headquarter Hospitals (THQs) level and insure an effective and timely referral to hospital.
  • Responsible to diagnose and treat infectious disease cases according to MoPH guidelines.
  • Ensures that relevant health education is carried out on the use/misuse of drugs in accordance with patients’ situation.
  • Responsible for cases needing emergency coverage and referral.
  • Responsible for diagnosing and treatment Antenatal/Postnatal, Family Planning and Nutritional Assessment of Mother and Children.
  • Responsible to conduct normal deliveries at THQ labour room in assistance with LHV and timely referral of complicated cases with issuance of referral cards to the patient.
  • Responsible to supervise all Reproductive health care activities and perform at times
  • Support the Project Manager in developing and preparing women-focussed reproductive health agenda for the Health Advocacy Group.

Preventive Care:

  • Responsible to implement and manage mother and child health care activities
  •  Identifies staff training needs during THQ work and field trips and report to office and arrange training’s/workshop for them.
  • Provides adequate training (after attending workshop) to paramedical staff in health programs based on standard guideline such as Acute Respiratory Infection, Control of Disease, Mother Child Health, Expanded program of Immunization etc.
  • Ensures that all programmatic issues are discussed with Project Manager and actively participate in planning and projection sessions.
  • Ensures that a good standard of cleanness /sanitation is maintained in the work area and at THQ level.

The duties listed above covers most of the task that would be performed by the individual in this position; however, the Senior Staff Nurse can also be assigned any other Official task Project Manger/ Senior Management as and when required.

Qualifications and Experience:

For the post of Senior Staff Nurse, a recognized B.SN Nursing/General Nursing registered with Pakistan Nursing Council and at least two year experience is considered necessary.

Communication/ Language:

The Senior Staff Nurse must ensure effective exchanges of information with others.  Examples of skills and behaviours include speaking to others respectfully; expressing ideas in a logical, organized way; sharing information appropriately.

Languages: Good English & Urdu are required, with proficiency in Sindhi an added advantage

 IT: MS Office, email/internet


The Senior Staff Nurse must be tolerant and sensitive to needs of religious and ethnic minorities, women, children and the poor.