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Relevant Experience:

  • Ten years of experience conducting research in social sector

  • Ability to network with other research institutions and researchers for input.


Job Description:

The consultant will research on governance and management structure of microgrids and economic consequences related to sustainability and growth of the microgrids. The responsibilities of the consultant are as follows.

  • Train and supervise survey teams, and data collection

  • Analyse data and prepare reports

  • Contribute to the technical design of projects related to the solar microgrids established by PPAF. These contributions include, but are not limited to, assistance with the design of the programme including randomization schemes, the crafting of survey instruments, and sampling procedures.

  • Contribute to the analysis of related projects, if the projects are completed and are at a scale where such analysis is meaningful.

  • In case the consultant is an academic then he/she will share any and all analyses, presentations, or reports derived from these projects with PPAF before any broader dissemination. If there are public reports, papers, or presentations, the consultant should present these results to PPAF as well in a timely fashion.

  • In case the consultant is an academic then if external grants are raised independently by the consultant for the study of PPAF projects, the consultant will share study designs with PPAF and seek PPAF approval before carrying out these studies. The data generated by such a grant would be held by the consultant and PPAF will have access to it and when using it would give credit to the consultant.

Expected outputs: a) Regular one-page updates on project progress b) one research brief, c) one full report and d) presentations on the research project at various points in time.


  1. Anlaysis of the raw data of baseline of the research communities

  2. Provide a report after installing household level metres- how it changed consumption and payment.

  3. Summary of the baseline survey and recommendation for business model

  4. Final report (after the endline survey is done) describing the effects of the actual business model

  5. One research brief

  6. Presentation

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesMasters/PHDMasters DegreePakistanMasters/Ph.D. degree doing research on community-based projects preferably community-run solar energy project

Must Title Level Description
YesNetworking Good  Ability to network with other research institutions and researchers for input