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Certification of CCNA/CCNP

Job Description:

  • Configure and maintain Active Network through the Network Management System (NMS)
  • Configure and maintain Active Network Layer 2 and 3 Active Switches
  • Configure and maintain Firewall
  • Management / Operations of all IT equipment’s used for connectivity of WAN / Intranet / LAN
  • Connectivity with E-office
  • Configure and maintain Passive Network i.e. Fiber and CAT-VI more than 300 points/cables
  • Configure and monitoring of active equipment through CCTV cameras
  • Configure and maintain Biometric Machines for Attendance Management
  • Generate daily and customized Attendance reports and direction of higher management whenever required
  • Operations of biometric devices & security equipment.
  • Management of e-attendance (enrolment, data fetching, report generations)
  • Report and follow up with NTC for E-Office Application and Internet connectivity issues
  • Managing and handling technical issues of Biometric machines and their software.
  • Managing and handling technical issues of NVR, IP Cameras and its software.
  • Configure/manage all the networking equipment (routers, Switches, DSL Modems, Firewalls, IDS, IPSetc.)
  • Management and troubleshooting of the Network applications, equipment and infrastructure.
  • To ensure reliability and smooth running of a secure network system.
  • Designing an effective and efficient system.
  • To keep pace with changes in technology and users needs.