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Project Description:

The purpose of the Pakistan Agricultural Technology Transfer Activity (PATTA) project is to identify, support and bring to scale private sector solutions to improve agricultural productivity in Pakistan, through a four-year activity. PATTA will partner with agricultural technologies companies to commercialize product and services that can increase the productivity and competiveness of small holder farmers and mobilize private sector investment in agricultural technology. PATTA’s partnership will give small holder farmers broader access to affordable technologies to increase productivity, build resilience to climate change and reduce postharvest losses.


The agricultural technology manufacturing sector is at a very rudimentary stage with low skill profiles, low productivity, leadership competency gaps and ability to identify strategic opportunities and implement them for sustainable business operation in this Digital Age and Technological Innovation.

Ability to set the strategic direction and develop core and support systems and processes / operations in all business functions (Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Supply Chain & Logistics, Human Resource, Information Technology) are one of the greatest issues, which have never been taken in to account as one of the important element in sustainable business operations in highly competitive and disruptive environment

Keeping in view existing issues, PATTA intends to provide technical assistance to aspirant organization to set Strategic Direction and Improve their process / operations efficiency through Organizational Development process implementation

Objectives of the Technical Assistance:

The objective of this consultancy is to work with promising agricultural technology company to develop corporate strategic vision and establish new or improve existing core and support business processes at corporate and business division/unit levels leading to sustainable efficient operations and higher cost effectiveness and profitability using digital under technology framework.

Assignment Scope:

The Organizational Development tasks will include but not be limited to:

  1. Review the existing organizational strategy and validate its relevance and if required establish Corporate Strategic Vision as the guiding document for Business Units/Enterprises
  2. Using the Enterprise Risk Management approach, perform the external and internal context analysis and develop Risk Management Plan
  3. Review the current organizational structure at corporate and business units/enterprise level for core and support functions, its scope and Job Descriptions of key designations
  4. Review and develop systems (Quality Management, Health & Safety and Environmental Management)
  5. Map processes with Key Performance Indicators and recommend organizational structure, core and support functions, systems and processes based on alignment with Strategic Vision
  6. Develop Performance Dashboards for Corporate and Business Units/Enterprises core functions and Balance Scorecard.
  7. Based on the competency and skill gap analysis, develop Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA) development plan
  8. Develop Organizational Development Implementation Plan


The specific deliverables of Organizational Development Study are;

  • Corporate and Business Unit Level Strategy and Strategic Road Map
  • New / Revised Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Business Unit Manuals comprising of Scope of Operations, Systems and Process and Performance Dashboards
  • Balance Scorecard for Corporate and Business Units
  • Implementation Plan
  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA) development plan


The Consultant should have at minimum a Master’s Degree in Management Studies, Organizational Development or a related field, with:

  • At least 7 years demonstrated knowledge and experience in conducting and facilitating organizational restructuring, including feasibility studies and sustainability modelling
  • Ability to conduct strategy reviews, develop job descriptions and organizational structures to align to the strategy of the organization
  • Knowledge of Systems Thinking, Systems Engineering and Value Stream Process Mapping
  • Experience with Change Management processes
  • Knowledge and experience in using participatory approaches and innovative techniques, with organizational leadership.
  • Demonstrated Data Analysis and Problem Solving Skills
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills