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Job Description:

 IT support

 Identifying the hardware problems of PCs, Printers and other IT equipment and giving recommendations

 Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of Operating Systems i.e. MS Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP

based LAN network and around 300 PCs/Workstations

 Installation/configuration of e-office digital certificates

 Resolving the problems of individual printers installed in various sections.

 Maintaining and resolving the problems of Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, File Server,

DHCP Server and Cisco Firewall and Switches.

 Data backup for all users/PCs

 Maintaining shared folders which are running in LAN.

 Maintaining File/Antivirus Server

 To ensure the regular system backups and updating of users accounts.

 Formatting of presentations

 Handling technical issues of E-Office Application.

 Providing technical specifications/ input for IT procurement.

 Management and troubleshooting of Software and Hardware related issues in the system.

 Interaction with end users to provide support regarding network related issues like connectivity with

Servers, PCs and other equipment.

 Timely help to a user regarding the working/operation of the system.

 Monthly system checking/ updating for its smooth functioning.

 To ensure proper implementation of IT solution as per user satisfaction.

 Designing of an effective and efficient system.

 To keep pace with changes in technology and users needs.

 Technical evaluation of all IT procurement of the division including project procurement.

 To communicate and liaison with web hosting and internet connectivity (bandwidth) provider(s) for

reliable, smooth and stabilized web hosting of e-services

 Any other work is given by higher authority related to IT.


Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)/ MCSA, MCITP