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Project description: 

The Water and Sanitation Hackathon is aimed to improve the water and sanitation management in KPK by WSSP in predefined areas. This is to be achieved by engaging multiple stakeholders and experts in the field of sanitation and development alongside a volunteer technology community in order to conceptualize and build mobile software technology applications to address pressing sanitation challenges through a marathon weekend of hacking around water and sanitation management problems in the KPK region.

 The primary objective of this hackathon is to address major sanitation problems by supporting the development of mobile applications for deployment at the WSSP. An important secondary objective is to foster a community of volunteer civic technologists, business and technology development experts, and sanitation specialists engaging in a constructive dialogue to develop mobile solutions to sanitation challenges.

 Job Description:

The videographer shall be responsible for:

  • The proposed consultant will utilize his/her skills for the video content generation for different activities/events under all initiatives/projects of WATSATHON.
  • The proposed consultant will have to travel to different areas for the shoots and coverage of different activities/events.
  • The proposed consultant shall have the core competencies and have access to the equipment required for it.
  • The consultant must deliver the final video within 48 hours of the event/activity through cloud services like We Transfer/Google Drive/Drop Box.
  • The final video shall be provided to TiE Islamabad after postproduction on both audio and video.
  • The consultant shall also interview different guests/speakers/participants of the event/activity wherever deemed necessary.
  • The consultant shall ensure his presence for the activity/event at least 45 minutes prior to its commencement.
  • The consultant shall provide at least 50 - 75 high-quality still pictures of the event (with all the post productions done) within 12 hours of the event.