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An Online Learning Management platform for Young Job Seekers

Oxfam in Pakistan


Oxfam has been working in Pakistan since 1973. Driven by the vision of a just world, Oxfam in Pakistan works to create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We support local partners and work with government authorities, civil society, academia and media to improve the lives of those living in poverty. Our humanitarian assistance, development programmes and advocacy campaigns have benefitted millions of people in Pakistan over the course of the past four decades.

Programme Overview

Empower youth for Work (EYW) is a 5 years’ project that aims to work towards poverty reduction, youth empowerment (especially young girls) and gender equality. The project is working for improved economic and social empowerment for young women and men living in rural climate-change affected areas. The project facilitates in the implementation of effective policies and practices that address the economic and gendered exclusion of youth and lead to productive and decent employment prospects for young people. 70% of the target audience for the project are young women aged 15-29 residing in the rural and semi-urban areas of districts Layyah in Punjab and Jamshoro in Sindh.

Scope of the Assignment

The primary objective is to develop an online platform where young people can learn emerging employable skills preferably online. It is envisioned as an online place where courses are available in Urdu language with an interactive learning environment. In addition, provide virtual support and interactive learning (gamification) environment for students to get maximum out of the courses.

Specific requirements:

There are two main requirements, which are given in table with sub requirements.

An Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Development of courses

Design Satisfactory logo

Development of 5 market competitive courses in an Easy Urdu Language (doesn’t have to be literary)

Students portal where they can check their own progress

Courses: Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, life skills course (Quote Separately for each course)

Accomplishments should be shareable on social media platforms

Virtual Mentorship and counselling support available 24/7 to resolve queries

Use gamification and make it an interesting learning platform

Students Support System to help them submit online bids (3 months). It can be online, offline or both.

A Dashboard where project team can check progress of participants

Design a test to enrol students in courses

Proposed tabs: Home, Courses, Success Stories, Blog, get a Job, Become an Instructor

Marketing campaign of courses on Social Media

Manage the entire platform (You may propose financial & non-financial modalities)


LMS Content Management


Discussion Board



  1. A complete demo of user experience
  2. Final Version of Learning Management System Platform
  3. Five Developed Courses in Urdu Language
  4. Mentorship and counselling support system (Virtual Support)
  5. Students Support System (online, offline or both)


The start date will be 1st of August 2019 and will be completed on 30th September 2019.

Required skills and competencies

  • Minimum 7 years of experience in web development, social media marketing and apps and course development
  • Able to demonstrate experience in video course making
  • 2-3 Experience of managing a virtual support system
  • Have an in-depth understanding of learning management systems in Pakistan and globally
  • Have strong linkages with academia and industry experts