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Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provide technical assistance in implementation of workplan activities in close coordination with facility level staff of health and population welfare departments of Balochistan for improved basic health services (BHSs) and prevention of infectious diseases (ID).
  1. Assist district coordinator for implementation of activities as per the project workplan.
  1. Assist in supporting the facilities level staff in regular and timely requisitioning based on min/max levels of health commodities pertaining to basic health services and prevention of infectious diseases.
  1. Assist the department to ensure proper handling and storage of products as per standard storage guidelines. 
  1. Provide technical assistance in capacity building of the facility staff on data entry and consumption reporting.
  1. Ensure regular reporting of products related to BHS and ID products their relative MISes to improve health logistics data reporting, data visibility and data quality.
  1. Validate the data quality and reconcile data from daily registers for data entry into MIS on daily basis.
  1. Ensure proper record maintenance.
  1. Any other task assigned by the supervisor.

Job Specifications

Education: Master’s Degree in public health, social sciences, supply chain management or relevant field.

Work Experience: Minimum 3 years’ experience in development and public sector in the fields of public health and supply chain systems strengthening.