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An international NGO is seeking grant applications in Banana sector. The RFA aims to develop and strengthen the linkages between banana growers, traders, aggregators, exporters, wholesalers and other agribusinesses dealing in banana sector. The RFA also aims to develop banana value chain by supporting adoption of innovative and improved technologies to increase banana productivity, improve quality & shelf life and reduce post-harvest losses and consequently increasing income especially smallholders of banana. All the grants will be given on cost share basis. Unregistered organizations/applicants will not be considered. Applicants who are interested in establishing a banana ripening and packing facility are encouraged to apply.

Who can apply?

Potential grantee will include traders, farmers, exporters, aggregators, wholesalers, food processors, private companies and partnerships.

Deadline for submission of RFAs:

Interested parties can download the attached RFA for submission.

All applicants must submit their RFAs along with mandatory documents on [email protected] . This RFA will remain open till April 12, 2019. RFAs received after the closure of deadline will NOT be entertained. Project reserves the right to reject any or all applications.