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Development of Design, Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimates leading to Construction Management for Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC)/Compost Plant


1.       Project Name:

Sustainable Solid Waste Management through establishment of Integrated Resource Recovery Center (MIRRC)/Compost Plant in Mardan City.

2.       Project Background

Pakistan like other developing countries faces environmental problems pertaining to unplanned urbanization, lack of access to drinking water and sanitation, lack of solid waste management in urban and rural settings. Rapid population growth (average annual growth rate of 2% a year[1])  and lack of municipal and industrial waste solutions have put enormous pressure on the country’s natural resources. Solid waste management situation in Pakistan is a matter of grave concern and thousands of young children suffer from serious health issues each year due to waste-related diseases. In Pakistan roughly 20 million tons of solid waste is generated annually, with annual growth rate of about 2.4 percent. All major cities, be it Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar or Mardan, are facing enormous challenges in tackling the problem of urban waste.


In close collaboration with Government, the Organization plans to support Water Supply and Sanitation Company Mardan through establishment of Integrated Resource Recovery Center (compost plant facility) of approximately 5 tons capacity. The facility will assist relevant Government department in safe management of Urban Waste through waste recycling, composting and Bio-Gas generation, etc. Environmental protection will be emphasized to prevent the negative effects of waste collection, recycling and produced leachate at IRRC.


3.       Objective, Purpose and Specific Results

The Scope of the work broadly includes designing of the Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC)/ Compost Plant for managing minimum 5 tons of organic waste in Mardan City. This shall include, but not limited to, Architecture, Structural, Electrical and Plumbing Design of different components of the project. General layout of the facility, working drawings, engineering estimates of civil and mechanical work components of the project, or any other tender documents necessary and relevant for this construction.

The scope of work broadly includes construction management of the required facility. This shall include, but not limited to, design survey layout, scheduling and cost control, equipment and site inspection and expediting.

It is not the intention of this document to completely specify all detailed services required during engineering, procurement and construction phases of the project, however, any additional services which area not specifically mentioned here, but which are required to make the facility complete in every respect and in accordance with the intent, technical specification for safe operation and guaranteed performance, shall be deemed to be covered under the scope of work.

The specific objectives for the firm are to ensure;

-          The cost efficient and timely execution of engineering design and supervision of construction of an Integrated Resource Recovery Center /Compost Plant with a modular approach and with consideration of future construction/extension of plant increasing the capacity from 5 tons/day as per permissible standards and performance acceptable to the Tehsil Municipal Authority Mardan.

-          The general requirements of the IRRC are not limited to the following but should include;

a.       Improvement/Pavement of the entrance and exit of the IRRC to facilitate easy access of the waste collection vehicles to and from the facility.

b.      The IRRC facility should at minimum has;

-          Compost boxes for catering approximately 5 tons/day of organic waste daily. The design should focus on aerobic composting method.

-          Platform as the sorting area,

-          Four rooms including one office room, one storage room (for produced compost), one store room each for mechanical and tools storage with movable shelves along the walls and proper locks arrangements and a meeting hall, reception area, etc.

-          Kitchen

-          Three Toilets with allied infrastructure: One with office room and two toilets with dressing areas for workers. The toilets should have proper handwashing and bathing facility, etc.

-          Water storage tanks, Rainwater collection arrangement on the roof along with rainwater harvesting tank, Leachate water treatment and collection tank.

-          Bio-gas generation and collection facility.

-          An area allocated for screening and sieving of the produced compost material.

-          Storage Area for recyclables and also for installation of plastic shredding, Bailing and segregation unit, etc.

-          Proper electrical, mechanical and plumbing arrangements for the facility.

-          The facility should have user friendly design (incorporating needs of people with disabilities)

-          Needs to collaborate with NCA and client for making the adequate and desirable design.

-          Within the buffer area there should be landscaping or plantation to make the site look acceptable and attract researchers for study.


IRRC need to comply with the government approved standards of the construction and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Building Bylaws for provision of buffer areas around the plant and total covered area.  Mardan is a water-logged area and during the design of the foundation of the facility it should be kept under consideration. There should be no contamination of ground water aquifer due to percolation of leachate into the soil.  Additionally, for designing the compost plant facility the wind direction should be considered for best suitable layout and to avoid issues created due to the bad smell of the waste degradation in the plant which may affect the neighborhood settlements.

The service provider needs to collaborate with Government department and the funding organization and technical partner for making the adequate and desirable design. Within the buffer area there should be landscaping or plantation to make the site look acceptable and attract researchers for study.


The site allocated for the construction of IRCC is adjacent to the Sewage Treatment Plant in Mardan. The plot size allocated for the construction of IRRC is approximately 5 kanals.

4.       The Scope of Design Services

The services provided by of the consultant/Consulting Firm shall include all deliverables as below:

a.       Before proceeding with detail design, consultant shall undertake a reconnaissance study of the topography, geography and geology of the site to assess the suitability of the proposed preliminary concept design.

b.       The design need to be modular with consideration for future expansion.

c.       Stakeholders consultation to finalize the scope of work (Funding organization may facilitate this process).

d.       As an initial step to the design of the IRRC infrastructure/facility in each location, the consultant shall prepare the conceptual design of each block of IRRC by considering various options. It is a requirement that the consultant shall propose a sustainable design fit for the purpose. The consultant is required to carefully evaluate all feasible options incorporating the design requirements and select the best option in consultation with client.

e.       The conceptual design(s) shall also include the approximate cost estimates for construction of the works (all-inclusive cost for the construction of the infrastructure shall be reasonable within the acceptable norms of construction industry in Pakistan for similar construction).

f.        The consultant should carry out necessary soil investigation and also provide videos and pictures of the test site. Report on bearing capacity calculation should be provided by the consultant.

g.       Design brief giving basic information about the approved design such as internal floor area of IRRC facility, service connection points, cost estimates and other important information such as norms and standards adopted for the design including architectural drawings in isometric view shall be presented by consultant for the approval of conceptual designs.

h.       On completion of the design phase, the consultant shall submit/present a draft design report complete in all respects. The report shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following; design concepts, design criteria, final architectural drawings, construction drawings, design calculation sheets, reference standards and codes of practices used, safety factors and other important details pertaining to the design of the compost plant.

i.         The consultant shall coordinate with funding organization and client design reviewers and obtain the approval for the draft designs and prepare the final design reports incorporating their comments/observations.

j.         Consultant shall obtain required approval(s) for the final deliverables of design and construction of designed facility.

k.       Consultants design shall include the basic landscaping including boundary walls/fencing, walkways, external lights, parking area etc. around the IRRC facility.

l.         Consultant shall design services for various rooms, kitchen and toilets including Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Telephone, Networking, etc...

m.     Any other required services requested by client after the detailed technical surveys.

n.       Construction management schedule for the facility, including but not necessarily limited to commencement of construction management phase, major construction and mechanical installation milestones, activity sequencing, construction closeout, post construction services, and final document handover.

o.       Record Keeping of the Construction works and support to client for development of procurement documents for hiring a contractor for construction, and purchase of Mechanical equipments.


5.       Final Deliverables

The following final deliverables shall be made available for IRRC Facility after the successful completion of the detailed design work as prescribed herein in addition to the interim deliverables required in order to obtain necessary approvals for each structure/blocks;

A.      Design brief reports (Site investigation, conceptual designs and detailed designs)

B.      Complete set of concept drawings 4 printed copies in A3 size

C.      Layout plan 04 printed copies each in size A1

D.      Construction drawings/working Drawings (architectural, structural, service-MEP) for tender 04 printed copies each in size A1.

E.       Bills of quantities & pricing preambles 04 printed copies in size A4

F.       Technical specifications

G.      Three dimensional simulations (3D) of finalized design with minimum four exterior views and at least two interior views for each room and compost boxes.

H.      Detailed specifications for all elements of the IRRC/compost plant 04 printed copies in size A4.

I.         Final report containing design concepts, design criteria, health and safety file, design report including calculation sheets, reference Standards and Codes of Practices used, safety factors and other important details pertaining to the design of the solid waste management facility and related components 04 printed copies in size A4.

J.        As built drawings during the construction phase.

K.       Construction Supervision/ Management schedules, detailed construction work plans, etc.

L.       Tender Documents for hiring Contractor for Construction and purchase of mechanical equipment.

Further to the printed materials as listed above,

-          All drawings and documents are required to be submitted in the relevant digital formats in compact discs viz;

a. Drawings in AutoCAD (Latest Version) and PDF formats

b. Specifications, BOQs, estimates and final report in Microsoft Word/Excel format

c. Construction management plans in terms of Gantt charts, soft version and printed forms.

6.     Budget

The detailed budget and terms and conditions for the consultant/consulting firm will be separately spelt out in the respective contract. The applicant shall make the payments as agreed in the contract with consultant.  

The applicant will cover consultancy fees and other related expenses in PKR for the entire process of design, BoQ,Cost estimates development, development of procurement plan/tender documents and supervision.


7.     Time frame



Advertise consultancy

14 – March, 2019

Shortlisting and Interveiws

4 – 8 April , 2019

Recruit consultant and develop contract

9– 10 April, 2019

Review of proposed work plan for the whole process

11 April 2019

Consultant to deliver

Detailed work plan,  Site Assessment, Topographic survey, water table depth analysis, Layout Plan, Soil Bearing capacity testing and report

11- 17 April 2019

Draft Design, drawings, BoQs and Cost estimates

30 April 2019

Revision and submission of  Final designs, Construction Management plans, schedules

03 May 2019

Procurement Documents for Hiring a Contractor, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Works and Equipments required

10 May 2019